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Consolidating Credit Card Debts

Consolidating Credit Card Debts

Consolidating Credit Card Debts

Consolidating Credit Card Debts – A lot of credit counselors today advise their clients to take credit card debt consolidation programs. After all they believe that this credit busting option will not only help consumers pay off their credit card obligations. This bad credit repair program can also assist borrowers regain their credit worthiness and their overall financial health.
Through debt consolidation, people need not worry about high rates of interest and fees. This is because it is possible for them to find card companies that offer zero interest balance transfers card programs. Not only that. Consumers who have taken credit consolidation were also able to free themselves from all their credit worries. Slot Game Online.

Still a lot of people want to know more about debt settlement. So, below we have provided a short discussion on what this bad credit repair program is all about. Plus, we have listed below two bad credit tips that consumers can use in managing credit consolidation wisely. Slot Game Online.

The Two Methods of Consolidating Debt

Credit card debt consolidation is a credit busting program that is used to help consumers gain control over their balances. The main purpose of this program is to help consumers gradually pay off their credit accounts so that they can rebuild their credit history. Slot Game Online.

There are two common methods of consolidating debts. First, you can transfer your credit balances into a zero-interest credit card. After your outstanding balances have been merged and transferred into a new card account, you will be asked to pay charges in single monthly installments. What is good about this option is that you will only need to worry about your outstanding credit obligation. You need not worry about making large interest payments on your credit account since your new card does not charge interest. Slot Game Online.
The second method of consolidating debt is through a loan. A lender will give you sufficient funds to pay off all your balances in one full swoop. Then, you will be required to make single monthly installments to repay the loan that was extended to you. Slot Game Online.

What are the benefits of credit card consolidation? This program can actually provide you debt relief. In what way? Well,debt consolidation will only require you to make single monthly payments. So instead of juggling multiple payments, you will only need to focus only on one installment each month. This will surely help you manage your basic needs, bills and other credit payments properly. Aside from this, it can also ease your credit worries. This is because as you make monthly payments either on your zero interest credit card or your loan, you can have the assurance of gradually decreasing your balance, until you are able to completely settle your credit obligations. Slot Game Online.

Tips on Managing a Debt Consolidation Program

Below you will find two bad credit tips that you can employ in responsibly managing a debt consolidation program. Slot Game Online.

1. Be responsible in paying your installments. Always remember to make on-time and complete payments each month on your loan. This will generate a positive effect on your credit standing as consistent on time payments can help repair your bad credit history. Slot Game Online.

Another option you can take is to arrange for an automatic payment with your bank. In this option you authorize your bank to take a certain amount of money from your checking or savings account and send it as payment to your loan consolidation provider. This way, even if you have the tendency to forget your payments, you will have the assurance of paying your consolidation loan in a timely manner.Now what if you have a zero-interest credit card? Well, if you want to effectively reduce your credit balance, you can make bigger payments on your credit charges. You may decide to double or even triple the payments you make on your credit dues, as long as your budget allows you to do so. This way, you can pay off your credit obligations completely in the soonest time possible. Slot Game Online.

2. Make sure that your lender reports your payments to the credit bureaus. Even if you pay your charges on time, some lenders and card issuers may not send timely reports to the three credit reporting agencies. So before taking a loan or a zero interest credit card, ask your chosen lender or card issuer whether it provides timely payment reports to the credit bureaus. If it does, then take what it offers. If it doesn’t then you might need to find another provider. Slot Game Online.

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Settle Credit Card Debt

Settle Credit Card Debt

Settle Credit Card Debt

Settle Credit Card Debt – Settle credit card debt by taking specific steps. As a matter of fact, you may be able to settle card debt quickly because you may have completed the first two steps already. This is what you need to do:

1. Stop paying on your credit cards.

Creditors will not want to negotiate with you if you are paying your bills on time. They will try to get 100% of their money if they think you have it to give. Bargaining can only start if they think they will not see a dime otherwise. If you are having been having trouble making your payments, you have probably completed this step already. Slot Game Online.

2. Ignore the threats.

A “threat” is what the collection calls and letters are called. If you fall too far behind, then your account will most likely be transferred to a collection agency. They will call and send nasty letters that may elude to them threatening future legal action. The fact is that most agencies will not take it this far because it is expensive to take someone to court. In most cases it is not worth it for them to pursue legal action. If you have been getting calls and letters that you have been ignoring for some time, you have already completed this step also. Believe it or not, ignoring the threats in the past will make it easier to settle credit card debt now. Slot Game Online.

3. Offer an amount that you can pay, and do it in writing.

This is where the negotiation process comes in, and if you want to settle your credit card debt now, I suggest you use a professional debt negotiator. Either way, a letter will be written to your creditor asking them not to contact you by phone any longer, and you will offer to pay just 25% of the debt that is owed. (When you request not to be contacted by phone, by law they cannot call you anymore.) In the letter, you will start negotiating low on your end because they will come back with a response that starts high on their end. Slot Game Online.

As you negotiate back and forth (in writing), the collectors will try to get as much out of you as possible. This is when it is great to have a negotiator working for you that is trained and has experience getting it done quickly. When you do it yourself, your lenders will play hardball and may try to make you feel guilty for not being able to pay the whole thing. If you do decide to do it yourself, when this happens do not offer them any amounts that you cannot handle because as soon as you agree to an amount, you will be responsible for paying it. Slot Game Online.

4. Stick to your guns.

If you are going through the debt-settlement process alone, your first offer will most likely be denied. This process can be a real headache, but do not get discouraged – keep negotiating. The credit card company’s job is to get as much money out of you that they can. If it seems like too much to handle, let a professional handle it for you. Many companies that settle credit card debt do not charge any fees for an initial consultation, and they require no payments from you up front. Slot Game Online.

Instead, they will roll their cost into your new negotiated payments. For example, if you owe $10,000 in total credit card debt, and your minimum payments total around $700, a professional could negotiate a lower balance of 40% ($4,000) with a 36 month repayment period. Once they knock your payments down and roll their cost in, you would only have to pay around $200 a month, saving you $500! Slot Game Online.

5. Know about your leverage.

Companies know that if you declare bankruptcy, they will not get paid anything at all. Use this to your advantage and continue to negotiate a settlement until you reach an amount you can afford. Slot Game Online.

6. Get your settlement agreement in writing.

When you come to an agreement, make sure you have it in writing before you pay anything. Also, get confirmation that the amount you are paying will truly settle your credit card debt with this lender and ensure that the end date is included. When you make the last payment, you are done. That debt is considered “settled” and “paid in full”. Slot Game Online.

7. Repeat.

If you are attempting debt settlement on your own, repeat these steps for each credit card or unsecured personal loan you are having trouble paying. If you use a service, they will handle everything for you at once. Slot Game Online.

Again, although you can do it yourself, you should sign up for a debt settlement program with a professional that will represent you. When you attempt to settle credit card debt on your own. It can be a long and drawn out process. When you get into a program, the debt-relief counselor acts as a shield between you and the collection agencies so they stop calling you and sending you nasty letters. Take the stress of yourself. Let someone who has experience handle your settlement instead. Slot Game Online.

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CreditCard Debt Settlement Solutions

CreditCard Debt Settlement Solutions

CreditCard Debt Settlement Solutions

CreditCard Debt Settlement Solutions – In a world of constant price hikes and inflation, credit cards represent a much welcomed solution to meet spending needs. However, problems arise when debts incurred become difficult to pay off. Nevertheless, there are ways to overcome this. Let’s consider how CreditCard Debt Settlement Solutions. Slot Game Online.

First And Foremost: Understanding Credit Card Debt Settlement

This term essentially refers to the act of working towards paying off credit card bills. Typically involves negotiating to get a reduction in the amount originally owed to creditors. The usual range of reduction lies between 40-60% of the outstanding balance. Slot Game Online.

It is not an easy process to go through, and there are many pitfalls that exist along the way. This is precisely why it is crucial to be aware of what are the best ways to carry out credit card debt settlement with the least amount of complications. Slot Game Online.

Here are five helpful pointers that you may find useful:

#1: Take A Good, Hard Look

Before putting any action to get your credit card debts cleared. You should evaluate how much you really owe (the debt itself). How much you have on hand (your current income) that may enable you to settle your account with your outstanding creditors. Ask the creditors concerned to provide you with a breakdown of what you owe them and take note of the details. How much consists of the actual amount to pay, what are the overdue fees, interest, etc. Evaluate your present income too. And see how much you can actually afford to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. You can then also attempt to estimate what your shortages are or how long you reckon you’ll take to settle your debts. All such information will be of great help when negotiating with creditors, or even when contacting others for help or advice. Slot Game Online.

Step #2: Knowledge Is Power

Familiarise yourself with your available options. Being in the dark about your current situation will only serve to hinder you from obtaining the best debt settlement possible. Furthermore, continuing to be clueless about what it’s all about will cause you to feel insecure. Even more afraid of the unknown future before you. Do your bit to educate yourself by asking others or reading up on this topic wherever you can. The Internet is a rich source of information. Try running an online search for debt settlement. You’ll be sure to come across many useful articles or even testimonials from others which may actually help you in finding the best solution for your own predicament. Slot Game Online.

Step #3: Document The Details

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”. Nevertheless it may be the details that may save you when it comes to the crunch of things. It is highly imperative that you keep good records of what has transpired so far. Especially whatever communication has ensued between you. The respective creditors as well as any collection agencies which may also be in the picture. Keep copies of any letters you may have sent out. Whenever you call and whoever it may be. Take down what had been discussed. As much as possible, insist for written agreements to follow any prior ones made verbally. Slot Game Online.

Step #4: The Virtue Of Patience

As absurd as this may sound. It might literally be worth waiting things out. This is because your chances of securing a good debt settlement for yourself may increase with the passing of time. The rationale behind this is that creditors will become more willing to accept a settlement if it comes to a point where they perceive you as delinquent. Realise that it’s better to at least get some payment from you rather than have to write off completely what you owe them as a bad debt. Slot Game Online.

Step #5: Ask For Help

You need not face this entire credit card debt settlement issue all by yourself. In fact, choosing to do so may not even be in your best interests. Instead, consider who you can contact that is able help you in this matter. Attorneys, debt settlement companies, consumer credit counselling services. Debt specialists are some examples of possible parties that you may want to consider. Slot Game Online.

However do your research and be wise about who you choose to go to for help. There are plenty of scams out there, so be sure that you do not fall prey to any of them or you could end up in worse financial difficulties than what you started off with. Slot Game Online.

Based on these pointers, it is evident that finding a way out of your credit card debts is not only attainable. In fact it is possible to get a good deal when settling it provided you put in some thought and effort into the process. Awareness of your situation, careful preparation and a willingness to consider all feasible options will greatly help you in solving this seemingly insurmountable problem. As daunting as things may seem now. You can rest assured there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Slot Game Online.

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Paying Your Federal Taxes

Paying Your Federal Taxes

Paying Your Federal Taxes

Paying Your Federal Taxes – For employees, taxes are usually withheld by your employer on a monthly basis. You may however, need to pay any balance due after preparing your tax returns. People in self-employment will need to calculate quarterly installment taxes as the year goes by and finally settle any outstanding taxes for a given year by the 15th of April the following year. There are various options available to enable you to make these tax payments to the IRS. Below are six of these options:

1. Payment by Check or Money Order

One of the ways that you can settle your outstanding tax bill is by writing out a check to the IRS and having it posted to the IRS office. You can attach the check to your tax returns. Ensure that the amount on the check is the same as that of the outstanding taxes as indicated in the return to enable easier verification. You can also send a check or money order at any other time within the year to settle outstanding taxes. Slot Game Online.

You will need to indicate your name – or names for those who file jointly. Your Social Security number (for joint-filers, indicate both the numbers included in your tax returns), physical address, telephone number, and the tax year that the check is settling taxes for. You can get the address of where to send the check from the IRS website. You can also drop the check at the nearest IRS office in person. Slot Game Online.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer

Another option available to settle your due taxes is by an electronic funds transfer. The IRS provides a system to facilitate this process, referred to as the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). You can pay taxes or schedule payments through this system. You can access the system from the website at or by calling the toll free IRS number at 800-555-4477. Slot Game Online.

3. Installment Payment Options for Taxes below $25,000.00

If you owe taxes of less than $25,000.00, you can set up an installment payment plan through the IRS website. The service will enable you to pay off the due taxes in monthly installments as opposed to making a lump-sum payment. You can also set up the installment payment plan by filing IRS Form 9465, “Installment Agreement Request Form”. The IRS will get back to you in response to the filed form and will give you the details of the installment payment plan. Slot Game Online.

4. Installment Payment Options for Taxes above $25,000.00

If the taxes owed are more than $25,000.00, you will need to file Form 433F, “Collection Information Statement” to be considered for a installment payment plan. The form requires you to provide details of your financial assets and other finance related information. You will also need to attach various support documentations for your finances. The IRS then reviews your specific financial situation and determines the amount of installments to be paid on a monthly basis. Slot Game Online.

5. Credit Card Payments

Another option available to settle your tax bill is by using your credit card. The IRS has outsourced the credit card payment service to three private companies and you can choose to pay from these various vendors. These three companies are Link2Gov, RBS WorldPay Inc., and Official Payments Corporation. You can make payments either by calling their telephone number or through their website. Note that these companies charge you for this service. Slot Game Online.

6. Short-Term Delayed Payment

If you do not have money by the time the taxes are due, you can call the IRS’s toll free number and request for some extra time to raise the funds. Usually, the IRS agents may give you up to 120 days to settle the taxes with no interest or penalties. You will however, need a good, justifiable reason or explanation to qualify for this grace-period extension. Slot Game Online.

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The Secret to a Fruitful Business

The Secret to a Fruitful Business

The Secret to a Fruitful Business

The Secret to a Fruitful Business – For online businesses, learning to compete in a global marketplace presents certain specific challenges all its own. Learning to identify strategies that can keep your business competitive is the key toward ensuring your company has a productive and fruitful future. Slot Game Online.

For any business, beginning to accept credit cards as a means of payment can yield substantial increases in both the company’s customer base and its profits. But for online businesses, the need to accept credit cards is a critical component of any business that hopes to thrive. Or even continue to operate on the worldwide web. Slot Game Online.

Studies show more than 90 percent of customers who shop online use credit cards as the method to pay for their purchases. More than 90 percent. If you aren’t accepting credit cards at your online business, that’s a huge potential loss of customers – and profits. Slot Game Online.

Opening a merchant account

The vehicle that will allow you to accept credit cards for purchases of your business’ goods and services – is a simple process. And the fees associated with maintaining your merchant account are lower than ever before. When you decide the time is right to venture out and consider which merchant account services and options are right for your own online business, consider the following tips to help ensure you get the best account for your business’ needs:

Just what is an Internet merchant account?

Using special, proprietary software, an Internet merchant account helps process credit card transactions. Internet merchant accounts can be either real-time or delayed processing. Which one is best for your company depends on the amount of daily sales you expect. As well as how much involvement you want to have with your credit card transactions, and your overall budget. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of account are described below. Slot Game Online.

What steps are involved in processing credit card transactions?

In a real-time system. Then sent by an encrypted and secure connection to the card issuer. Most Internet merchant accounts use a special type of program, called a gateway provider, to aid in this process. The gateway provider can also serve as an added level of protection against fraud. During the processing, your merchant account may also use as address verification system. Or AVS as an added level of security. The card issuer determines if the account is active if it has been reported lost or stolen. There are enough funds in the account balance to cover the costs of the transaction. Slot Game Online.

No Red Flags

If there are no red flags, the card issuer assigns a unique transaction ID number. Later in the day, the merchant account tallies up the day’s receipts, deducts applicable daily and transaction-based fees. Then deposits the remainder into the business bank account. Slot Game Online.

In a delayed processing system, the customer enters the credit card information in the same way as before. The business owner or sales staff retrieves that information and then must enter it manually for processing. They are not a good choice for businesses expecting large daily sales volumes. For those who do not wish to be involved in processing their online transactions. Slot Game Online.

What equipment is needed for an Internet merchant account?

As noted, you’ll need an online shopping cart system, as well as a gateway service for real-time systems. Some merchant account providers use their own gateway providers, while others will require you to find one on your own. Opening a merchant account is the first step in accepting credit cards for your online business. Using these tips, you can choose an account provider that will help ensure your online venture is successful – and fruitful. Slot Game Online.

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Credit Card Default

Credit Card Default

Credit Card Default

Credit Card Default – Occurs in the event that you have a card balance, and you stop making payments for a certain length of time. Your path to card default is not pleasant and replete with increasingly aggressive telephone calls from the bank you owe the balance to. Let’s investigate a typical scenario:

  1. You open a $10,000 credit line with XYZ Bank.
  2. You spend $7,000 on a great plasma TV, a couch, and a stereo system.
  3. 27 days elapse.
  4. You lose your job.
  5. Because of inadequate financial planning, you cannot continue paying your bill.
  6. You’re $150 minimum payment comes due, and you miss the payment.
  7. The bank charges a late fee to your account (in addition to interest fees of course).
  8. The balance on your card goes up by the amount of the unpaid interest, and the late fee, let’s say $170.
  9. During the next 60 to 90 days, your issuer continues to call, email, mail you and harass you to make the payments to your account. During this time, your card balance continues to increase.

After this, the company will change your account status to Default, and make a negative report to the credit bureaus. Between 90 and 180 days, your bank may start to offer special deals to you to pay off all or part of your balance. They may even offer to reduce your card balance. After 180 days elapse, your bank will probably give up, write off the amount you owe, and sell the debt to an outside collection agency for a small fraction of what you owe. Now, it’s the collection agency that will try to get some money out of you. OK, you can see it’s not a fun experience. You wanted to pay your bill, but you lost your job. What could you do?! Unfortunately, XYZ Bank doesn’t have much interest in your sob story. Slot Game Online

When, If Ever, Is It Safe To Default On A Credit Card?

Well, that depends on your definition of “safe”. You certainly want to avoid default, if you can, but things happen, right? Dave Ramsey has a useful take on prioritizing things. He says that 4 things are at the top: food, clothing, housing, and transportation. You’ve got to have those things to get/keep your job. So, if something must fall by the wayside, it’s got to be your unsecured debts. Slot Game Online.

Prepare For Collectors

There exist many online resources for handling collection agencies. Specific laws exist to protect you from the collection agencies. As with all laws, the important thing is knowing your rights. It will help keep you calm amidst adversity and creditor pressure. Prepare and do your research for the difficult situation you are heading toward. Creditors are aggressive, and you need to know your options in credit card default situations. Slot Game Online.

Effect Of Default On Credit Score

If your credit cards go into default, you can expect your credit score to decrease dramatically. How dramatically? Well, that depends on factors like your initial credit score, and how many cards you default on. FICO has released a few stats explaining the impact on a credit score for various situations. Slot Game Online.

The CARD Act and Universal Default

Good news! 2009’s financial reform laws for the credit card industry actually DID improve somethings. Universal default was where ALL of your creditors could put you into default, if you defaulted on ANY other card, even if you were current on that card, just like dominoes! It used to be brutal! It was an unfair credit practice by the banks, and the CARD Act has prohibited this aggressive credit card banking practice. Slot Game Online.

Recovering From Credit Card Default

OK, so you’ve defaulted. Once you’re through handling the collection agencies, and you’re ready to move on, what do you do to recover? Is it even possible?! Yes, it is, but it will take some time, and patience. Your credit score has been decimated, and you may even have filed bankruptcy. So, it’s often advisable to begin with a secured credit card. Additionally, you may actually find out that, as long as you have a job, creditors are generous with credit again. That’s because, if you’ve filed bankruptcy, they know you can’t file again for another 7 years!
I hope this helps, and good luck to you all…

5 Dangers of Co-Signing a Loan

5 Dangers of Co-Signing a Loan

5 Dangers of Co-Signing a Loan

5 Dangers of Co-Signing a Loan – I received an e mail last week from a lady that was in a desperate situation. She had co-signed a student loan for a relative and had recently been notified. That she must begin making a monthly payment of nearly $800 (since the student had defaulted). This is money she simply doesn’t have. While she thought she was doing a good deed helping a young person to obtain financing to go to college. She is now on the hook for nearly $10,000 per year in debt payments for the foreseeable future. Slot Game Online.

“A person devoid of understanding shakes hands in a pledge and co-signs for a friend.” (Prov. 17:18)
I regularly receive e mails from people wondering about whether or not they should co-sign to help out a loved one or a friend. This can be for a student loan, auto loan, a mortgage, or even a credit card. While I was working in the mortgage business several years ago, it became apparent how little people understood about the financial and legal ramifications of co-signing.

On numerous occasions I had to inform a client that their loan had been turned down due to a loan they had co-signed. In some cases, the loan was not being paid on time and it had destroyed their credit. In other cases, the addition of another monthly obligation caused their debts to represent too high of a percentage of their income for an approval. They all seemed to be in a state of disbelief saying, “but it is not really my debt…” Unfortunately, lenders do not see it that way. Slot Game Online.

1. You May End Up In Bankruptcy

When you co-sign on a loan, you are 100% responsible for repayment along with the primary borrower. If the loan payments are not made, the lender will attempt to collect from you and may ultimately obtain a judgment in court. Once a judgment is obtained against you, they may be able to force you to sell assets such as your home, vehicle, and other personal belongings. As well as attach your wages from your employment. As a result, you may have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy.

2. The Debt May Not Be Dischargeable In Bankruptcy

In the case of a student loan, most of the time you can not discharge this kind of debt in bankruptcy. What’s worse than ending up in bankruptcy? Being insolvent without being able to obtain relief from bankruptcy. A debt that can not be discharged in bankruptcy can potentially follow you for the rest of your life! Even in the case of debts that are considered eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. You must be able to qualify to file a Chapter 7 discharge bankruptcy. Under the new bankruptcy laws, you must meet a series of guidelines for the court to allow you to discharge any debt in bankruptcy. Otherwise, you may end up in a court ordered Chapter 13 bankruptcy (payment plan) for five years or longer.

3. You May Seriously Damage Your Credit Score

Even if the debt is being paid on time, it may still drive your score down. The addition of another loan on your credit file may cause you to have too many open credit accounts to maintain a high credit score. Of course, if even one payment is made late this will cause even further damage to your overall score. Slot Game Online.

4. Your Debt Ratio Will Be Impacted

When you apply for a loan. Lender will take into account the percentage that your monthly debts represent of your monthly income. Income to debt ratios are used in just about all forms of lending. They are considered as important as your credit score by mortgage companies, auto finance companies, and even credit card issuers. Slot Game Online.

5. Your Interest Rates May Increase

We have been inundated with e mails from individuals seeing substantial increases in the rate they are being charged on their credit cards. For just about any reason, credit card companies seem to be quick to raise rates on even their best customers these days. If a loan you co-signed for has even one late payment. You may see substantial increases in the rate you pay on any variable rate debts you owe.

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Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings – As you may recall, from an earlier article written on this subject. Durbin capped the amount that “regulated” banks could charge for their issued debit cards. Now, here’s where it tends to get a little tricky… who and what are “regulated” banks? Well, the guideline is, I believe, $10 billion is assets. Banks that don’t meet the asset criteria are “exempt” from the caps, therefore protection of one of their revenue streams. Do you have a debit card? Do you know the asset size of your issuing bank? Not that it matters to you as a card holder but, to a merchant, it could make a big difference in fees. Game Slot Online.

Now the articles I write are primarily meant for the beneficial education of merchants. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of fees. Typically, if a customer is spending money with you they will likely only use their debit card for smaller (and “smaller” means different things to different people) transactions. So, for sake of this discussion, let’s say the transaction size is $100 and the customer hands over their debit card. Let’s compare some cost-to-the-merchant examples:

Tiered Pricing

Let’s assume that you are on a Tiered Pricing structure and are getting charged $1.23% + $.10 for swiped debit cards. Your fees on the $100 transaction would be $1.33 and under this form of pricing, you’re not getting the benefit of pinned or Durbin pricing. So, in effect, under this form of pricing, your processor is keeping all that extra profit for themselves. Game Slot Online.

Interchange Plus Pricing

If you’ve read any of my articles in the past. You know that I’m a strong proponent of total transparency in pricing which is what Interchange Plus Pricing offers. Let’s say that you’re fortunate enough to be priced at Cost Plus .25% + $.10 and utilizing those numbers, let’s look at some numbers. So, a customer hands you their debit card (and certainly, remember here you don’t know if it is issued by a “regulated” or “exempt” bank). First let’s look at your cost if it’s an exempt card.

Taking the.80% + $.15 PLUS your .25% + $.10, you are at 1.05% + $.25 or a total of $1.30 in fees on the $100 transaction. No great savings here when compared to the Tiered Pricing description shown above but, now, what if it’s a “regulated” card. Then, under this Cost Plus pricing, the cap is .05% + $.21 and then you tack on your PLUS of .25% + $.10 and you have a rate of .30% + $.31 resulting in total fees of $.61… now we’re talking.

Pinned Debit Comparisons

Now, let’s say that you are hooked up to accept pinned debit transactions either through an external/internal pinpad. Now, typically, your processor will be charging you a Monthly fee of maybe $5.00 to accept pinned debit transactions. Also a per transaction fee of maybe $.15. So, when a customer hands you their card. You have them enter their pin number and now your costs are as follows:

Your fees on the $100 transaction would be $1.10. On the other hand. The regulated rate is .05% + $.21 + $.15 (for the processor). So the total fees on this $100 transaction would be $.41. Of course, this would represent a significant savings for you.

Now with all this said, and with all these numbers swirling around in your head. What is most beneficial to you as a merchant? In my opinion, when you look at the numbers, it really doesn’t matter if you are on a Tiered or Interchange Plus pricing model. Since you’ll never know at the point of sale if the card is issued from a regulated or exempt bank. The resulting savings that go along with it. Hopefully, this has helped to de-mystify some of the confusion I’ve been hearing about regarding this Durbin Amendment. Thanks for reading. Game Slot Online.

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim


5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim – A while there are measures you can take to safeguard your identity. Including Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft Shield. No one is immune. The difference for those who employ the services Pre-Paid Legal offers is that when you become a victim. You have the power of legal counsel and the experience of licensed investigators working on your behalf. You have the power to fight back. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

1.) Drivers License Identity

In America, our driver’s licenses, issued by each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation, have become our national identification card. Multiplying the potential for theft. If your driver’s license is stolen. Used by someone who receives a DUI or DWI and then fails to appear in court you may be arrested.
A Pre-Paid Legal membership with the Legal Shield add-on gives you access to an attorney 24-hours a day via a toll-free phone call.

2.) Medical Identity

When someone uses your name, Social Security Number, birth date or your insurance card to obtain medical services, they’ve attacked your medical identity. Whether they assume your identity for the purpose of getting tests, or to receive treatment, not only will your name be on the bill, but the results may become part of your medical history.
Setting the Medical Information Bureau straight – and restoring your medical identity – in most cases requires an attorney. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, you’ll have qualified legal counsel at your fingertips.

3.) Social Security Number Identity

When your Social Security Number is used by an identity thief to file with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), you are stuck in the middle with the tax bill, and a serious need for an attorney. If an undocumented worker uses your Social Security Number to get a job, the income reported to the IRS from the W-2 will raise a red flag as unreported income on your tax return. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership you have access to legal counsel and to IRS audit legal services if needed. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

4.) Character Identity

It may seem like something out of a movie. But when someone assumes your identity and commits a crime in your name, the drama is real. You will obviously want to speak to an attorney. In a situation like this, it’s not likely that your credit card company will be of any assistance. Quick detection is essential in the fight against identity theft. The Identity Theft Shield alerts you when there has been a change on your Experian credit file. Which could be a change of address or change to your public records, including felonies.

5.) Financial/Credit Identity Theft

This form of fraud is the one most commonly recognized as identity theft: stealing your identity for financial gain. If you do not deny the debt within 60 days. It is common for victims to be unaware of a theft situation until months after the crime has occurred.

In situations like these and many others the early detection and restoration services that come with the Identity Theft Shield and the legal services of a Pre-Paid Legal membership. Provide an added layer of protection. The hours involved in dealing with identity theft add up. It’s reported that it takes 600 hours to deal with true identity theft, do you understand now how the Pre-Paid Legal membership combined with the Identity Theft Shield can be an invaluable service to you and your family. Pre-Paid Legal is the only company that offers a suite of products that fights identity theft before during and after the crime.

3 Things You Have Got To Know Before Getting Your First Credit Card

3 Things You Have Got To Know Before Getting Your First Credit Card

3 Things You Have Got To Know Before Getting Your First Credit Card

3 Things You Have Got To Know Before Getting Your First Credit Card – Understanding the fundamentals on how to get a credit card and use it wisely can save you time, energy and money, and help your way to building good credit.

Getting your first credit card is not only an enormous milestone, but also a huge adjustment. You may have a rough sense of how credit cards work and how to handle it, but the details are where the devil is. Comprehending more before getting a credit card will save your money and help you establish good credit. Finance Solutions

1. The best credit cards are not for beginners

As a beginner to credit, perhaps you will not be able to qualify for the most valuable credit cards, which are those with wealthy rewards and benefits, bonuses or long zero percent interest periods. Those products are accessible only to applicants with good or excellent credit and longer credit histories who meet certain joker123 income requirements.
You might start smaller first with your credit card, a product for people with limited or no credit history. It is not that bad, though; lots cards like that provide decent rewards and do not charge annual fees.

insurance news

2. A security deposit makes a mastercard easier to obtain

If you’re having hassle to get your first credit card approved, try a secured credit card.
Secured credit cards are made for people with damaged credit or no credit at all. You will first need to put down a cash deposit to open your account. Your credit limit is particularly equal to your deposit. The minimum deposit requirements vary from $200 to $500, depending on the agen sbobet card.

Read More : Credit Report Agencies’ Role in Improving Your Credit Rating

Falling behind on payments might mean losing your deposit. However, if you always pay on-time and spend your money below the limit, you could build good sbobet88 credit within months. Your issuer could upgrade the account to a regular unsecured card at that point, or you could apply for an unsecured card and close the secured card in good standing. Insurance News

3. Your first credit card can build your credit or ruin it

One of the primary reasons to obtain your first credit card is to spice up your slot game credit. However, if you are reckless, it can have the opposite effect. It all depends on what you do.
Your issuer will report your credit card activity every month to credit bureaus, the companies which files the credit reports that form the basis of your game slot credit scores. The reported data includes whether your payments have been on time and how much of your credit you have used. Late payments and maxing out the card are bad.

To ensure your credit card activity helps as much as possible, pay in full and punctually every month and stay below your credit limit. (A good rule of thumb: Keep your balance under 30% of your available credit at all times.) You might also want to track your credit scores to see where you stand. Finance News