Debit Cards is Profitable

Debit Cards is Profitable

Debit Cards is Profitable

Debit Cards is Profitable – The most common payment instrument among all banking products today is a registered debit card. Created to replace paper (or fiat) money, it is actively used primarily for non-cash current expenses and funds transfers. Basically, this is your lightweight plastic wallet, which contains as much money as you put on it. Does this mean that there is no difference where and which debit card to start? Is there a difference between the cards? Of course there is.

Visa vs MasterCard

First of all, cards differ in their belonging to international payment systems. The most common in the world and in Russia are Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide. There are no fundamental differences between these systems, and in technical terms they practically do not differ. They are equally safe and reliable, are accepted by all banking and POS terminals and are issued for a period of three years. Each system has cards of different tiers – basic, intermediate and premium. The differences mainly relate to specific services, promotions, bonuses and privileges offered by these payment systems. But for ordinary cardholders, these are not so important differences.

Trust the experts

In fact, a much more fundamental point is the issuing bank that issues the card for you. The bank where your savings will be stored on the current account must be large and reliable. In this matter, one can be guided by the annual ratings of the reliability of Russian banks published by Forbes, based on data from well-known international rating agencies.

How to get a card

Another important point when choosing a bank concerns the very procedure for obtaining a card – it should be as convenient and simple as possible. Choose debit bank cards with home delivery and with the possibility of remote registration on the bank’s website.

For example, at Citibank, this procedure consists of just a few steps.

  1. Filling out a short form on the website (name, mobile phone, city of residence).
  2. Calling the operator and making an appointment with a bank employee in a place convenient for the client.
  3. Signing an application for the issue and maintenance of the card (with the choice of the form of receipt), transferring the necessary documents to the bank representative
  4. Receiving a ready-made non-activated bank card (at a bank branch, free of charge by courier or by mail).

Convenience and benefit

And finally, one more essential issue is the favorable terms of service for the client. As you know, monthly banking services cost a certain amount: the higher the card level, the higher the tariff and, of course, the corresponding level of service. Can we talk about benefits here? It turns out you can. If certain conditions are met, it is possible to receive a completely free debit card service. So, for example, for the CitiOne Plus banking package at Citibank, no commission will be charged if one of the following conditions is met:

  • monthly salary of 80 thousand rubles or more will be transferred to the account;
  • during the month the average balance will be maintained in the amount of 300 thousand rubles;
  • monthly payments by card (payment for goods and services) will be at least 30 thousand rubles.

There is no commission for ruble transfers to different banks of the Russian Federation, as well as for withdrawing cash from any ATMs in the world. All notifications about your banking operations will also be free for you in this case.

Thus, a familiar debit card becomes not only a convenient, but also a profitable tool for daily expenses. And this is already a fairly weighty argument in favor of choosing a particular bank and its cards.

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