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April 2020

All Prepaid and Virtual Cards to Buy Online

More and more people shop online; Those who resist doing so, for the most part, are because they distrust the security of this type of transaction. The biggest problem, or the biggest fear, is in entering bank details on an online platform. As an alternative to ‘transfer’ our credit or debit card data, there is the option of using a virtual card. A prepaid card that is specifically designed for online payments and purchases, and that offers users a series of additional security measures for this.

Online stores use – or should – secure payment platforms that are managed by third parties. These payment platforms are not typical of online stores, but of companies specifically dedicated to it. This means that users’ bank details are not processed or stored by sellers but by companies that are dedicated solely to working as a ‘bridge’ between buyer and seller. And on these platforms, it is usual to have encryption on the servers so that the exchange traffic with the client is safe and private.

To what extent are payment platforms safe to enter our bank details, credit or debit card

Despite this, there are phishing attacks. An attacker tricks the customer with a payment form that is not that of the store, or that of the secure payment platform, so that they enter their bank details in it. With the appearance of a lawful form, the user’s payment data is collected and, of course, stolen and stored on remote servers for various issues. Even in this type of attack, a virtual card or a prepaid card for online purchases would be an exceptional security measure because it would prevent access to our checking or savings account.

Why a virtual card, or a prepaid card, are the perfect solution for online purchases

A virtual card, or a prepaid card, is not a physical card. But it does offer the customer and consumer a number, an expiration date and the corresponding security code, which are the necessary and essential data to operate normally on Internet purchases. As long as there is no physical card, it cannot be purchased in physical stores unless the card is linked to mobile payment platforms such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and the like.

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The great advantage of prepaid cards is that the funds are limited. The customer is the one who ‘manually reloads’ the card balance and chooses the maximum available at all times. It is not directly linked to our checking or savings account, so that in the event of a third party attack, only the available balance charged by the client could be accessed. If we want to make a purchase of 50 euros, for example, only 50 euros can be charged for a one-time purchase and, in the event of an online attack, we could only steal those 50 euros regardless of the balance available in our current account or in our savings account.

It works in a way like a debit card, as only the loaded balance will be available at all times. No more balance can be made available at any time or under any circumstance, either deferred or direct. And the most important thing is that, as we said, there is no link with the rest of our banking or financial products or services. In addition, the management and administration of the card is through the Internet and immediately, both for top-ups, for cancellations and other operations.

The virtual cards and prepaid cards that you can hire to make online purchases safely

There are dozens of options within our reach if we are looking for a prepaid card or a virtual card with which to make our purchases online safely. Each of them has its own particularities, starting with physical support or availability only in virtual format. The main national banks have at least one option, mostly, but there are also solutions independent of fintech companies. These that we show you below are all the virtual cards and prepaid cards that you can find, with their main conditions, advantages and disadvantages to buy online safely.


By creating an account with Bnext we can have your virtual card, which is not a prepaid card as such, but works in a very similar way. Income can be made by bank transfer or with another credit or debit card. From 0 euros onwards with income, and from 25 euros if it is with another card. The card issuer is VISA and the fee is 0 euros for the first year, plus there is no renewal fee. In this case the limit is 2,000 euros per month in payments with non-euro currencies, and the commissions are 1.4% from 500 euros with three free withdrawals per month.


Bankia offers prepaid top-ups of a maximum of 1,500 euros, without fees or commissions. The maximum amount per recharge is 1,500 euros, but the maximum cost is unlimited, so that several recharges can be made for Internet payments of higher amounts. Only Internet purchases are possible with it, as it does not have physical support. Top-ups are free and, for Bankia customers, top-ups can be done instantly and directly from other bank and financial products and services of the entity.

BBVA Wallet

BBVA Wallet also works as a virtual card in prepaid mode, with a maximum limit of 600 euros and the requirement of having a BBVA account as a holder. It has no commissions of any kind, nor fees, its issuer is VISA and the minimum recharge is 6 euros. One of its advantages, compared to other prepaid virtual cards, is that it has insurance against robbery at ATMs. Like the others, it can be managed completely from the mobile, and it does not have physical support.

BBVA Card Before

The Before BBVA card has no spending limit beyond the top-ups that are carried out, its issuer is VISA and there are no annual fees for issuance or maintenance costs. It also has insurance against possible robbery at the ATM and has a protection system against fraudulent use. As in all BBVA virtual and prepaid cards, it is necessary to be a customer of the entity in order to have the product. The advantage is that in this we do have physical support to pay in physical stores and for withdrawals in the ATM network.

BBVA Virtual Card

The BBVA Virtual Card does not have physical support, therefore it is valid only for purchases over the Internet. The maximum limit for top-ups is 600 euros through ATMs, by phone, online, at BBVA branches and through the entity’s apps. This virtual prepaid card has a card number, expiration date and CVV to operate normally in online purchases and does not carry any type of maintenance fee or commission. For hiring, an email address and a personal identifier number are required for it.

Aspects to consider

The first thing to keep in mind is that a prepaid card is not necessarily a virtual card, and vice versa. A prepaid card is one that is not directly associated with a bank account and, therefore, has a limited balance charged by the customer. You can only have this limited balance, although you can make as many recharges as you want taking into account the amounts to which the entity that manages it can limit us.

Physical support or virtual support

Prepaid cards may or may not have physical support. In the second case they will be virtual prepaid cards. Those that have physical support give us the possibility to pay in physical establishments and shops, while those that are limited to virtual support will not give us the same freedoms. In some cases, virtual support linked to apps and mobile payment platforms will allow us to pay in physical stores.

How to Have a Free Credit Card

There are several types of free credit cards. Today, whether we want it or not, it is necessary to have a credit card to make some purchases or contract services online. Depending on how we use it, credit cards can be an alternative when we have liquidity problems.

It is important that before applying for one, you consider some important aspects and that you compare between different cards. Depending on the bank, some will ask you for guarantees, not to be in the credit bureau, and proof of income. Similarly, some banks may charge you opening fees and monthly payments. However, it is possible to get a free credit card, without payroll and without much paperwork.

Free conventional credit cards

Free credit cards are cards that some banks grant for free. You normally request them directly by going to the bank or by going to the financial institutions that issue them. You can expect to be asked for collateral, not being on the credit bureau, and proof of income. Similarly, it is very safe that you have to pay interest and monthly payments. Each bank has different credit products and therefore it is important to compare which one suits you best. One of the things you can do to choose the credit card that suits you best if you live in Spain is to compare the Annual Equivalent Rates (APRs). This percentage is used to compare these products and find out which is more expensive.

Another thing to consider is your ability to pay, the interest you will have to pay, and the time you will have to pay. Will you have to pay the total monthly or monthly for twelve or more months? It is possible to process some credit cards without credit verification. However, if you ask for money they will almost always check that you are not in the ASNEF.

Free electronic credit card

An alternative to conventional cards are free electronic credit cards. These types of cards work in the same way as conventional credit cards, with the difference that you request them via the Internet and some are usually prepaid. These free virtual credit cards have the advantage that they are approved relatively easily and without much paperwork. Another advantage of applying for virtual credit cards is that it allows you, sometimes, to obtain a free international credit card. Most of the credit cards are backed by the giants MasterCard and Visa. This guarantees that your card will be accepted anywhere.

Some electronic credit cards allow you to obtain free disposable credit cards with which you can choose whether it is MasterCard or Visa. An example is Revolut and

When you go to apply for a free credit card online it is important that you confirm that these free credit cards are backed by one of these companies or that they are not shell companies. At least check that the company you ask for the card can respond in case something happens and that they don’t give you a fake credit card without money.

Credit cards without changing bank

Free visa cards without changing bank? If you already have a debit card or have an account, it is possible to obtain a credit card without changing banks. For this you have two options.

The first is to request it directly from your bank. In Spain it is enough to call by phone or go to your bank’s offices to see what the procedure is. As already mentioned, you will most likely be asked for proof of income. The second way to get a free credit card without changing a bank is to search the Internet for a free credit card that is linked directly to your bank account.

If you are looking for free credit card accounts you can check the link. Some examples of a free account linked to your checking account are Evo Finance and the Wizink Gold card. You can apply for a credit card without changing banks. Similarly, these free credit cards offer good conditions and are free.

Free Annuity Credit Card

There are credit cards with which the annuity is free. That is, with these free credit cards you do not have to pay any fee per year. It will depend on which bank or financial institution grants you the credit card if they will charge you annual fees or deferred annual fees in which they will charge you each month. Keep this in mind because you do not want to be surprised that they charge you a large amount per year. Obviously, if the card you want to hire is free, this should not be a problem.

Interest-free credit cards

It is possible to find credit cards without interest. Depending on the type of purchase you make or what you use the money for, you may not be charged interest. Interest is generally charged when you do not pay the full amount of your purchase. For example, if you used your credit card to buy medicine because you got sick or because you bought a tent to go to the beach on vacation and you cannot pay the total cost, then you will have to pay a minimum, including interest on from the cutoff date. The same happens if you withdraw money from an ATM with your credit card.

If you decide to pay something in installments you will have to pay an extra percentage on the total money you have used. It’s a good idea to compare which credit card has the lowest interest, or better yet, which card doesn’t charge you interest.

Credit cards without money

We do not offer any free credit card without money. But some companies offer prepaid cards, which are issued without you having money on them. These types of cards work like mobile recharge cards. You have the money you deposit and you can only spend that amount. It is important that you do not confuse free credit cards with free credit card for money. Free credit cards with money do not exist. No one is going to give you free money. Now that if you are looking for cards with which the bank lends you a certain amount of money and you pay it at the end of the month or in installments, check out bank credit cards and the previous sections.

Prepaid cards are free credit cards without money and more than helping you when you have liquidity problems, they are useful to pay things online, as well as to have a bank account when you do not have the necessary documents to open a conventional account. You can see these types of cards as a card to which you can deposit money.

How to get a free credit card

To get a free credit card, you need to first investigate which one is best for you. You can use our free credit card comparer. Some of them are Neteller, N26 or Revolut and can be processed from Spain and some other countries in the world. Once you have chosen the one you like the most and the one that suits you best, you will have to open an account through the internet. This will take you no more than 15 minutes. The third step for how to get free credit cards is to deposit money, which should appear in your new credit account. After that you can already use your credit card and recharge it when necessary. Visit the page how to have a free credit card, where you can find detailed information about it and how to have a free credit card.

Reasons Why Fast Credit Repair Has Become Mandatory

It is widely agreed among many economists and scholars that the economic recession that began in 2007 is the worst economic crisis the United States has suffered since the Great Depression beginning in 1929 and lasting until the start of the Second World War. Though the middle and lower classes have not been submerged quite so far below the poverty line as they were then, they have nonetheless suffered greatly – especially after increased dependence on credit, and many are now in great need of fast credit repair. For most middleclass families, time is of the essence.

Given the nature of credit, damage inflicted upon it must be repaired as expediently as possible. Because interest is a compounding factor, debt has an effect on one’s credit score similar to “bleeding” in that it will continue to get worse unless prompt measures are taken to stop it.

Fast credit repair is therefore essential to arresting a financial downward spiral.

Credit is a very necessary part of today’s financial dealings, and a good credit score is important for many reasons. Applying for loans, buying or renting property, insurance and many other related operations all require a good credit score, which in recent times has had the bar significantly raised as lending institutions are less able or willing to risk loans on people with mediocre credit worth. Poor handling and execution of similar operations – for example foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession, etc – result in severe penalties toward credit score. In these cases, fast credit repair becomes necessary as circumstances like foreclosure can potentially leave a person literally homeless. At times like these, the aforementioned bleeding effect cannot be afforded and must be stymied as quickly as possible by fast credit repair.

It is unfortunate that circumstances imposing the greatest hardships on people and their families are the ones that are most difficult to apprehend and take control of, and it is doubly untoward that they are circumstances that often exponentially worsen themselves unless decisive action is taken immediately.

And more often than not, a vast myriad of unique and additional circumstances (one’s income, dependents, benefits, etc) only serve to further complicate the matter. But such is the vicious nature of modern finance. Luckily, there are many services and companies that can provide legal and professional advice regarding personal finance, and can help initiate fast credit repair and stall the self-propelled decline of failing credit.

Mounting debt, sapping interest and falling credit are financial woes that can befall even professional investors and are equally troubling for professionals, but the complicated and esoteric nature of finance can turn such problems into daunting, seemingly insurmountable obstacles for middleclass families only seeking to scratch out a living and keep food on the table, with too little time outside these immediate priorities to concern themselves with economics. However, it is fortunate that fast credit repair is always available for those who know to look.

Examining the Effect of the Global Credit Crunch on Market

Henry Kravis said that economic strategies spread through universities like any other intellectual virus. In the case of our current global economic meltdown, there was an unrestrained presumption that anything that John Maynard Keynes said was automatically correct. This lead central banks on low interest rate growth policies that were unprecedented.

However, other schools of economics have posited that excessive credit expansion causes malinvestment. Essentially, if a central bank decides to create an incentive for cheap debt by lowering interest rates, there will be lots of false credit issued to companies and consumers. When interest rates are low, credit card debt elimination itself becomes easy. This is something which is purchased by speculators and sold for profit. This encourages consumers to go into more debt than they can actually afford when interest rates are higher. This causes banks to lend to companies who provide goods that no one needs. When the economic environment changes, banks realize their lending practices are not profitable. This has caused a credit crunch. Essentially, capital investors do not understand where to put their money. When you have major financial institutions and industrial manufacturers going upside down, nothing seems safe.

However, this is a natural market phenomena. When central banks seek to distort the value of money and debt through credit expansion, the market will use busts to reset everything. Central banks would do well to not cause these expansions, as economic crashes are hard on the consumer and worker. In fact, it is supposed to be the purpose of a central bank to ensure that the monetary policy is steady and safe.

The credit crunch is a sane reaction by banks to an insane policy. They have realized that they can not necessarily trust the interest rate decisions passed down by central banks. They are being more careful about which businesses need loans. They are also being stingier with debt to the consumer, which is good. Of course, you can always try to find some cheap home loans offer, something like offer that has. They helping you find the cheapest home loans deal in Australia. Capital investment should be the purpose of debt, not the purchase of consumer products. The global credit crunch is trying to fix the money supply where the policies of central banks can not.

We’d like to thank Miss Sue Lang VEC on this contribution to our web page.

About Refinancing

For many people with debt, refinancing is the best way to lower monthly payments and save a great deal of money over the life of the loan. Loan refinancing offers consumers the chance to find more favorable terms on an existing loan, whether through lower interest rates, extending the life of a loan, or negotiating affordable payments.

Though home mortgages are most commonly associated with refinancing, any kind of debt is eligible. Whether hoping to refinance a home, car or other type of loan, there are a few things to consider when deciding if refinancing is the right option.

If you have good credit, or purchased a home a few years ago, now would be a perfect time for refinancing. Difficultly in the global financial markets means that many consumers are eligible for low interest rate mortgages that may not have been available at the time the loan was approved.

Securing an APR just a few percentage points lower than the mortgage currently held could save thousands of dollars for the typical homeowner. Be advised that each time you refinance, you may be charged a fee based on the value of the loan, so be sure to discuss this with your lender.

Another loan that may be eligible for refinancing is a car loan. These loans are best refinanced early in the payment process to maximize savings, as the loans tend to be smaller and repaid in less time than a home mortgage. If your credit has improved since the purchase of your car, or if the loan was acquired through a dealership (which typically offer loans with a higher than average APR), car refinancing may be for you.

Fewer people take advantage of refinancing through credit card debt consolidation, which can be a cost saving option for anyone carrying a balance on multiple credit cards. Through consolidation loans or balance transfers, customers can benefit from a single, lower monthly payment, and a lower interest rate than most credit companies offer.

When making large financial decisions, it is always best to seek expert advice. There are many refinancing companies out there, and it is important to choose one, Super Finance is a stellar example, willing to help find the best solution for your unique financial situation.