Plastic credit card Visa

Plastic credit card Visa

Plastic credit card Visa

Plastic credit card Visa – Today many banks offer a Visa credit card. It allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of its owner. Different organizations allow customers to receive cards remotely. They can also be ordered at the regional office of the bank. In some cases, it is enough just to call the number indicated on the website to discuss the delivery time of the plastic card. Some organizations allow customers to choose their own design.

A Visa credit card may have, for example, the following characteristics:

  • up to 55 days of interest-free use of funds;
  • cashless payments for any purchases;
  • for all financial transactions the client receives a single interest rate;
  • high credit limit.

The peculiarity of the payment system itself is that when traveling abroad, to countries where the main currency is the US dollar, it will be profitable to pay with such a card: the conversion is faster than that of MasterCard holders, which means with less losses. In addition, the card may provide special bonuses for its use abroad. Within our country, the payment system does not really matter, and the Visa card, like MasterCard, can be designed for different categories of consumers. The most popular options are:

  • Student card. Preferential conditions for university students. Increased cost savings and ease of use.
  • Classic. A consumer-grade feature set for the needs of most customers.
  • FIFA Classic. An exclusive solution for fans who want to support their favorite team abroad.

More details about the terms of service can be found in the support service of the selected bank.

How to get a Visa Gold card?

The Gold Card is a VIP product created for those who wish to easily carry out all financial transactions in Russia and abroad. It is perfect for shopping lovers. One of the important advantages of the card is the individually determined credit limit, i.e. the limits of the client’s capabilities in each specific case are determined individually.

Those who managed to get a Visa Gold card have a flexible loan repayment schedule and a grace period. Holders can arrange them for their loved ones on very favorable terms.

They vary according to the list of opportunities that their holders automatically receive. Miles & More is in demand among customers, which allows them to accumulate bonuses when traveling by air and railroad transport abroad and in Russia. If a sufficient number of them appear on the account, the client is provided with discounts or even free tickets. A profitable solution for those who, according to their lifestyle or occupation, often visit, for example, in the USA.

You can also order cards by phone or online at banks’ websites. For more information, please contact the specialists.

Pair correlation in Pair Trading

Correlation is an indispensable tool for successful pair trading strategy. Using the correlation coefficient allows you to select related pairs of financial instruments for pair trading.

The concept of correlation of financial instruments is familiar to many traders. But at the same time, few of them fully understand all the capabilities of this powerful statistical analysis tool and imagine how it can be applied in practice. Meanwhile, correlation is an indispensable tool for successful pair trading strategy. Let’s see why.

So what is financial instrument correlation? Correlation is a value that reflects the degree of similarity between charts of two instruments. In fact, the introduction of correlation is an attempt to express the degree of similarity of the graphs with just one quantity, called the correlation coefficient . The value of this coefficient varies from -1 to 1. Where 1 means the maximum degree of similarity, when growth on one graph is always accompanied by a similar in strength growth on another, 0 – lack of similarity, and -1 – inverse similarity, when growth on one graph is accompanied by a proportional fall on the second.

Since the correlation, in fact, reflects only the degree of similarity of charts, it is not at all necessary that if there is a high correlation coefficient, there will be some real relationship between trading instruments. Those. a situation is quite possible when two graphs, for absolutely random reasons, will be similar to each other. But if the number of graph points is large enough, i.e. the correlation is statistically significant, then the probability of an accidental coincidence becomes negligible.

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