Mutual investments Successful Future

Mutual investments Successful Future

Mutual investments Successful Future

Mutual investments Successful Future – One Mutual funds represent the most convenient and affordable instrument for investing funds for individuals. Not every user has enough of his earnings to achieve their goals (buying real estate, a personal car, etc.). Some go in search of a second job, the rest put their funds into cash circulation, making investments in various products. Thus, the user receives additional income with a significant development perspective.

Mutual investments from one of the leading financial companies VTB Capital Asset Management will solve certain problems associated with a lack of money. Here you can independently choose a fund that matches the user’s capabilities and their assigned tasks. Also, if desired, the investor has the opportunity to develop a portfolio of shares of several open-ended mutual funds. Thus, you can independently adjust the distribution of your financial capital between different classes of assets. Today the Russian market is overflowing with various offers, so it is quite difficult to choose the right investment product. It is not recommended to choose a product yourself, it is best to entrust this process to highly qualified specialists.

Mutual funds are the best choice for those who dream of a successful future. They are ideal for those who want to buy their own property or car. Today there are many ways to save and increase your financial resources.

There are several reasons to opt for mutual funds managed by VTB Capital Asset Management:

  • Saving your own time;
  • Availability;
  • Reducing the risk of losing your capital to a minimum due to a well-developed strategy;
  • Transparency.

To choose an instrument, it is worth analyzing the market. Further, it is recommended to carefully listen to the opinion of a specialist and apply his strategy. With a competent attitude towards investments, there is a possibility that investments in mutual funds can become the main source of income.

It should also be noted that in addition to VTB Capital, there are many management companies on the market, and if the conditions or quality of management of the proposed company are not suitable for someone, then you can always choose another one. Selection criteria can be very different. Here, as they say, who needs what and for whom what is most important – timing, high profitability, risk, a certain industry or something else.

On the Internet

Many sites publish ratings of investment funds by profitability for the previous year, the last six or nine months. For many mutual funds, you can also see the cost of a share over the past few years. It is especially interesting how the value of a share behaves during sharp jumps in the dollar exchange rate, in conditions of economic crises or collapses in the stock markets. With proper management, the value of a share should not “sink” much in the short term, and the medium and long-term trend should be directed towards steady growth.

What is the real profitability of mutual funds? This question is difficult to answer. If you buy a share during a crisis at a minimum, then, of course, its value will rise significantly during the economic recovery, especially if it is a stock fund, an index fund, or, in most cases, an industry fund. If you get into the trend, you can multiply your capital several times. Such periods in Russia were from 2000 to 2007 and from 2009 to 2012, there will be more.

If this is a bond fund, then the yield on it, in theory, should be stable. But it is unlikely to be much higher than the interest rate on a bank deposit. Some industry funds, in particular IT, have shown good dynamics in recent years. There you could earn 50% per annum or more. In other industries, it was possible to increase the value of a share by a maximum of 30-40% in a year.

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