Forex Trading Signals

Anyone can put up a website for forex trading, but only how reliable are trading signals? If I do an online search for forex trading signals almost all of the top ten results offer trading signals with no proven results and questionable customer testimonials.

A forex signal provider will charge $295 per month for the daily Forex market for signals delivered accurate forex trading signalsto your email or SMS. The signal from the performance trading page was well written and leads me to believe the forex predictions are spectacular and I am going to earn forex money to trade immediately. The site also had many customer testimonials to persuade the reader how great the forex forecast is that the signals and trading were timely and accurate.

I guess some forex traders are so desperate that they are going to try anything just to get scammed with fake websites that offer fake daily currency signals, the bad robot generated forex alerts, and fake customer testimonials.

Before investing your hard-earned money subscribing to any alert forex provider here are some tips to make sure you get what you pay for:

  1. First of all make sure forex recommendations are subject to independent audits by a reputable third party like Collective2 or Myfxbook. These companies help you find a portfolio manager for public funds and show the signal provider for the trade is for you to see if they are able to make the statements you are looking for. Remember, the results you see are real and verified.

  2. Don’t over $ 200 a month to a signal provider to trade. Accurate currency signals are hard to come by, but good honest and verified trading signals that exist and make you a lot of money over time.

  3. Accurate forex trading signals are not generated hundreds of times a day or a week, but good quality forex alerts are sent once a day or three to four times a week. Watch out for any signal provider offer more than 5 commercials per day.

  4. Customer service is always a good sign of reliability. Does the forex signal provider respond to your emails, is it what Skype offers, or other means of contact with your questions? Make sure you can communicate with life by breathing human and not an automatic response.

  5. Make that the forex signal provider has some experience in the field. Do you write forex articles or do you quote in newspapers? Check their website for useful forex trading information.

Just remember that the Forex market offers many opportunities for profit as well as fraud so be careful. A rule of thumb is that if performance is not audited by an independent third party it is false and that it ignores any customer testimonials.

If you are an experienced trader, or a novice, we are sure you will find our tips helpful!

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