Select a Specialization Business Schools

Select a Specialization Business Schools

Select a Specialization Business Schools

Select a Specialization Business Schools – This is a decision I would make before even joining MBA program. If you have a choice between one or two schools then your option should depend on the school. That is known and good for the specialization. The potential employers also may decide the same way. That is the marketing jobs will be going to the schools where marketing is strong. I can understand that because if I were to get a marketing guy sharp enough to handle the present intensive competition. Someone with a lot of new ideas. I would look for them in a school which is very strong in marketing.

Also, most programs include projects at the end of the first year then you need to select a marketing project. So that you have something to talk about to your potential employers and get some idea of the realities in marketing before you go out of the school.

What is the meaning of specialization?

Actually the term specialization should not be misunderstood at the MBA level. It simply means that a student has done more marketing courses than others. Also has done project work in this area. How many of these courses would depend on the school and its program structure. Within the specialization there could be courses that are compulsory like the global marketing in marketing or international marketing course. The others are chosen by the student. Same holds true for other subjects too.

Marketing, Finance, Human resource Management, Operations Management, IT and General Management which are very functional in nature are generally offered by most business schools. Each of these functionally organized specializations structure an appropriate mix of courses which are contemporary in nature and embedded with current issues.

What should be the factors to consider?

Students often struggle to make this decision. Again, one should not get into any specialization without giving due consideration for the kind of jobs they will get into in future. One should not get into specialization because that person is not comfortable with the other alternative. I hate to see some student get into marketing because he is scared or does not like finance, but is not really interested in marketing either. He is just there because that is specialization that gets him a good job as an alternate to finance. I really would not want such students in a marketing classes.

You also need to make choice of the courses you will take with in your specialization. Students can also request the school to offer some special courses they want. I would not restrict myself to the number required but would take as many good courses as possible. At least audit some, as I could to get a good 360 degree view of the function.

What are the Employment opportunities?

Generally the type of jobs marketing guys end up with after MBA are in Sales, Brand Management, Business Development, Marketing Research, Distribution and logistics management. Marketing controller and jobs in Advertising Though experience in sales is good it is not the only route to ascend to Marketing Director position, which in turn can be a spring board for further jump in the organization. However,, it is highly desirable to get your hands dirty with sales and get the feel of the market. It is therefore good if you have in your cart the brand management, sales management, marketing research and may be strategic marketing. You can add others like advertising if you like.

Consumer behavior should come some where or other. Consumer behavior is also a very good and very interesting course. But because the students feel it is too basic they avoid it sometimes. Schools seem to slowly stop teaching this subject. Select a Specialization Business Schools.
There is no dearth of opportunities for finance specialists. Banks, Insurance companies, Investment companies, manufacturing, you can say finance gives you the potential for omnipresence. In recent years the banks and investment companies have been making very attractive offers to finance specialists.

Who Can ascend to the Top?

My personal experience (which is open to debate) is that the Marketing and Finance guys have a better chance of being Chief Executives for the simple reason. That these two hold the main threads to the organizational performance. I noticed that when the market or the firm is in a growth path heading towards leadership and dominance in the market, the marketing guys would have a good chance. Further, the nature of business also determines the preferred background for CEO. In times when the company needs financial revamp or in companies/banks where the products are mainly financial product and require a good understanding of finance a finance person would do well.

Human Resource management is good too and finds a prominent role in the organization. It is about handling people and also the development of the people, personnel policies, development of people, recruiting people, finding talent, learning centre administration, salaries, promotions and industrial relations as well. Operation Management provides understanding of the manufacturing, planning production, optimization, inventory management, supply chain management, logistics and physical distribution optimization and similar aspects. Select a Specialization Business Schools.

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