About Free Binary Robot

About Free Binary Robot

About Free Binary Robot

About Free Binary Robot – Sophisticated software settings and the highest quality analysis based on very sophisticated algorithms make it possible for anyone to use the trading service of the machine. Which provides a profit with a very high probability.

Abi helps to trade the binary options market

Her name is Abi. She is a free binary robot . A program specialized in automatic trading is designed to perform a large block of functional tasks. The site contains detailed instructions and various articles explaining the process of automatic trading. Abi has a feminine form for a reason. For newcomers to automated trading, a robot can be called a nanny or even something more. The analytical service that Abi provides is comprehensive and comprehensive. What is valuable is that in many of the binary analysis systems involved. Risks are minimized to indicators close to zero. When choosing a classic strategy, the amount on the account will grow without leaps up and down along the chart. Which is a smooth curve.

To evaluate all the possibilities that Abi provides with its service, you need to register on the robot’s profile site. Registration is an important and simple step that does not require a significant investment of time from the site visitor. Make profit.

But how does it work?

A registered user and after opening an account who has started trading binary options will receive online signals from Abi. You should realistically assess the situation: each participant in the process is free to listen to the advice of a binary robot or not. He trades on his own, not being some kind of application to the machine. Unlike the program, he has human intuition among the trading tools, which sometimes helps to make a profit where the most complex program does not intend to get it.

But such intuition develops only among experienced players who never refuse to receive signals from a binary robot.

Particular attention in the trading process of binary trading, as you gain skills, should be paid to the study and possible application of the Martingale system. It is necessary to realistically assess the presence of the growth of the risk component than when choosing the minimum risk classical strategy.

Spread Betting and Binary Options – What’s the Difference?

To a novice trader, the concepts of “spread betting” and “binary options trading” may seem the same. Indeed, both instruments have a lot in common: in both cases, the main goal is to predict the price of the underlying asset.

Spread Betting vs Binary Options

In spread betting, the market player does not have physical ownership of the asset. In fact, when making a bet, the player, just like in a binary option, only gets the right to buy an asset in the future, no later than the specified period.

It is also important to say that spread betting involves the use of a large amount of borrowed funds. The broker issues a certain leverage to the client, on the basis of which the first forms his game.

Spread betting makes it possible to earn many times more than option traders can afford. All because of the non-fixed amount of profit.

When trading through options, the user expects the minimum growth of the asset in order to redeem it at the old price and get a profit. Usually, with a successfully completed transaction, the market player receives about 60-80% of the amount, depending on the conditions of the service company.

When using spread betting, a trader can make profits in almost unlimited amounts. The amount of profit depends on the difference in the selling and purchasing prices of a product, index, currency pair, and so on.

For example, buying 100 shares at 10 per share, a trader spent a total of £ 1,000. With an increase in the index by 1 pound, the player can sell them for a total cost of 1100 pounds, receiving a hundred profit.

However, do not forget that a trader is trading with leverage. And if the price falls, he will lose not only his resources, but also the funds of the broker-borrower. In spread betting, an unsuccessful bet can seriously lead a player to a loss.

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