Financing Programs

Application Only Financing to $75,000 on any new or used equipment.

Express Lease for up to $75,000 – Easily our most popular program. No financial statements or tax returns needed. Just a one page application is all it takes. Lease or Contract financing, your choice.

Master Lease – For customers with multiple or continuing needs, this program is designed to offer a line of credit to be utilized for equipment purchases throughout the year while maintaining a simple documentation process. One set of lease documents will be utilized with an additional schedule for each new equipment acquisition.

Sale-Leaseback – A type of lease in which an asset that is owned by the lessee is sold to the lessor and then leased back to the lessee. This type of lease is generally used when the lessee desires additional cash for its business.

Line of Credit Programs – We can Pre-Approve your company for a line of credit before you start shopping for the equipment. This gives you negotiation power as if you are paying cash to the dealer.

Seasonal Programs – This program is most beneficial to those businesses who experience seasonal slow cash-flow periods. No payments are made during these specified times.

Trac Lease for Titled Vehicles – A type of lease which is tax- oriented and used exclusively for titled motor vehicles. TRAC derives its name from a clause in the contract which is the terminal rental adjustment clause.

Software Only Transactions – We can finance the computer software you need. We can also finance your entire web-site investment.

Deferred Payment Programs – We can defer your 1st regular payment up to 90 days. We require only $75.00 per month during these deferral months.

Medical Programs – We now offer Working Capital, Debt Consolidation, Practice Acquisition, and Commercial RE for Medical Professionals

Franchise Financing – For new franchisees or existing franchisees opening new locations.

  • 60-84 month Programs
  • Minimal Down Payment
  • Simple Paperwork
  • Credit Decision in 5 days

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