What is scalping?

What is scalping?

What is scalping?

What is scalping? – Scalping is a high yield trading method that can be considered a high level of trader skill. It requires an excellent understanding of a large number of factors: special tools, market expectations, statistics and news, discipline.

Scalping strategies are evolving all the time. But there are very simple methods by which you can profit from intraday fluctuations in value.

Scalping technique

There are basic scalping techniques:

  1. Look in the glass. The order book is a queue of orders for the purchase and sale of an asset presented by a trading participant. Many traders do not pay much attention to this. Of course, figuring out what’s going on in the glass is difficult. But this is how you can see the signals for future movement.
  2. Market indicators. In order to make a decision on the implementation of a transaction, it is not enough to possess fundamental and technical analysis. Some traders use a standard set of indicators. Others build regular graphs. Technical analysis data show the market development opportunities for the next ten minutes. But it makes no sense for a scalper to plan for ten minutes if 90% of transactions are completed in less than two minutes.
  3. Less is more. In scalping, it is not customary to chase big profits from a particular transaction. Instead, the principle of collecting a large amount of money through many transactions with small profits is applied. But sometimes there are big deals. But the main goal is to regulate losses.
  4. Movement is life. In order to limit risks, it is necessary to use the principle of working only on an active movement and make a closed position after the market slowdown is felt.
  5. Instant exit. The final stage of each transaction is the exit from it with the fixation of a loss or profit. Different trading systems use different principles for the use of finance. Some trading systems have complex restrictions on the size of the loss or the amount of profit. In scalping, everything is much simpler. If you feel that a large loss is approaching, you need to close the deal immediately, without delay.

How to take out a loan profitably: advice for borrowers

A loan is a banking product that is used by almost every second citizen of Russia. With it, you can get money for various purposes. Different banks have different requirements for borrowers. The conditions for taking out a loan also differ. Therefore, borrowers who are going to take out a loan should be very careful. 

Here are some tips to help the borrower take a loan profitably and pay off without any problems.

Borrower Tips

  1. Pay attention to your payroll bank. Usually, banks are more loyal to their clients than to those borrowers who were not previously clients of the bank. If the conditions do not suit you, you can contact other banks.
  2. Find out the full cost of the loan immediately. This is the most important indicator by which you will need to compare offers from different banks. Some banks offer interest-free loans. But you should not be led to such offers. After all, the bank will compensate for the lack of interest with rather large commissions.
  3. Many borrowers find it easier to navigate if they compare the amount of overpayment.
  4. Pay attention to the amount, term and size of the loan. The amount should be what you really need. You should not take out a loan for a large amount. It is better to take a loan in rubles, so you will not be dependent on changes in the exchange rate.
  5. If you take out a loan for a large amount, agree to take out insurance. An insurance policy will help you reduce your risks.
  6. Read the terms of the contract carefully. Especially it is worth taking a closer look at items with an asterisk.

See if the bank offers early loan repayment. If such an opportunity is provided, you can pay off the loan in advance and save your money. Some banks set limits on early loan repayment. In this case, the payer has to repay the loan on time with the appropriate interest. Find out the order and size of the minimum amount of funds to be deposited.

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