Tips to Save Money

Tips to Save Money

Tips to Save Money

Tips to Save Money – Get the feeling you are being ripped off by your current high street insurance provider or constantly being hassled to take up their insurance? Chances are you have been overcharged if you have taken up their insurance as it is far more expensive. However, do not panic because you can get out of the contract now, assuming you are within the 1 month “cooling off” period. If you are, please keep reading on and I will give you some tips on how to get the best BlackBerry insurance at the best price. Joker123.

So, how do I know the high street providers are the most expensive?

Because I used to be in your position and made the same mistake by taking out their expensive insurance. I cancelled my cover within 3 weeks as it was just too pricey and completely out of my budget. I stupidly believed that I could own a BlackBerry and that nothing would happen to it, as I am a sensible girl, so why would I do anything so silly as to drop it down the toilet? Well, luck was obviously not on my side and I did just that – dropped by BlackBerry down the toilet!! Slot Game.

As I had no insurance, there was nothing I could do other than to fork out hundreds of pounds for a new one. If only I had done more research into the best BlackBerry Insurance deals out there rather than throwing in the towel due to the steep high street insurance deals. I would have been fine, not to mention no longer broke! Game Slot.

My advice to you is this. Please don’t make the same mistake as me and think you and your BlackBerry are invincible. Keep reading on and I will take you through some helpful steps to making sure you get the best BlackBerry insurance at a fraction of the cost as compared with overpriced high street providers. Sbobet88.

STEP 1 – The best BlackBerry Insurance from Independent Companies

If you type “the best BlackBerry Insurance” into a search engine, you will most certain uncover millions of results. There are a ridiculous amount of companies out there trying to fob you the best BlackBerry insurance out there. However, if you delve further into the company having been reeled in by their catchy spiel. You will soon unveil that these companies are actually probably more expensive than the high street providers you are trying hard to avoid. Agen Sbobet.

I would advise you to research the companies carefully. It is integral the company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”). This should be obvious on their website. If it is not clear, it is highly likely the company is dubious. Slot Online.

STEP 2 – The best BlackBerry insurance with benefits

Do you like the idea of being able to upgrade to a new phone easily and free of charge? Well, if you take out insurance with a decent FSA regulated company you are could receive great perks such as a free upgrade to the latest BlackBerry after at least 24 months. This is something the likes of Vodafone, O2 and Orange just don’t provide and, personally. This was one of the factors which pushed me away from taking out insurance with my current network provider. This has been a great move on my part as not only will I be getting a brand new BlackBerry. I will be able to sell my old one and use the money from the sale to pay for at least 2 years worth of insurance. It is that easy! Tips to Save Money.

STEP 3 – The best BlackBerry insurance through your home contents insurance provider

You may or may not be aware that if you are a home owner you can add your BlackBerry. Into the “personal belongings” section of your contents insurance. Better still, this should be absolutely free! However, it is important to remember that you WILL lose your no claims bonus. If you ever have to make a claim. As a result I strongly advise you ask for a quote for protecting your no claims bonus. This will not be free but it will cost you only a few extra pounds and is certainly worth it!

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