What You Want to Know about a No Credit Check Loan

No credit check loans are a great option for people with bad credit or even no credit who need to obtain some monetary gain quickly. Just in case you aren’t aware when you are applying for a no credit check loan, the lender will not even look at your credit report, but they will make a decision based on other financial details to include:

  • Your ability to pay the money back what you are asking for in the loan,
  • How much you want to borrow,
  • If you are a homeowner.

But remember with them asking for this type of information, the fact that the lender is risking a bad credit history customer means they will be protecting themselves by charging high interest rates and possibly fees for arrangement. They give the money presuming that it will be returned with due interest, within the predetermined allotted time frame.

Many no credit check loans are in place for those in need of short term financial assistance that suffer from a bad credit score or possibly no credit history and even those with bad credit without scaring him away with credit checks. Always remember to check the interest rate and the total repayable debt with this loan and compare this to your existing debt and make a truly sound decision in regards to your finances.

While the interest rates on no credit check loans almost certainly will higher than on more traditional loans, they will not be as high as the rates normally associated with bad credit or even high interest rate credit cards. Loans that do not require credit checks are great options for people with bad credit, because they are put on a level playing field without everyone else in regard to obtaining loans.

No credit check loans require that in order to qualify for the loan, those that provide consumer debt counseling require a stable job or regular recurring income, of earnings of $1000 per month in order to even be considered for this loan. Bad credit is a major concern that keeps a prospective applicant from applying for no credit check loans but due to the requirements associated with this loan helps to elevate this stress. So don’t worry if you have had credit problems in the past, many credit repair agencies know this and are not going to check your credit history. Due to the debt and credit counseling involved your financial requests for a no credit check loan are treated confidentially and are processed as quickly as the time permits.

Any credit repair agency or debt counselor who provides debt and credit services will provide the best debt consolidation advice to make it very clear that the do not conduct a check on your credit history when applying. Check out all the terms and conditions of the loan before applying because you may possibly pay more in initial costs or you may not but you will be totally informed as to your best debt consolidation needs.

Remember that even if you have bad, slow or no credit, you can qualify for no credit check loans and you get a reasonable interest rate without being asked to provide any of your credit history as long as you meet the specified requirements to obtain one such loan. Keep in mind there other uses for these no credit check loans other than just having money in hand. No credit check loans can be used for home improvement, education, weddings, credit card debt or any personal reason.

Once you are approved for no credit check loans, it will take a single business day for the amount of the loan requested to get deposited directly into your account and you can be on your way to repairing your credit history and possible debt free living going forward. Many of the credit and debt services provided by credit repair agencies will assist you with applying and obtaining a no credit check loan.

HQE Treatment Supports and Potentiates the Effects of All Other Treatment


FAMILY Family life coherence depends on the health of each member, the healthy functioning of parents, love and happiness, the orderly love life, fertility in marriage, harmonious and healthy growing up of young people, without autism and other developmental disorders, without epilepsy, asthma, addiction, especially in youth, without tension, restlessness, depression, without early aging, decreased concentration and memory.

Sexual Interference

Whether psychologically or organically causing sexual disturbances, Human Quantum Energy (HQE) helps on two levels:

  • At the physical level: capillaries in the reproductive glands (ovaries and testes) and so these glands are supplied with more blood, oxygen and food necessary for the energy survival and function of the cell;
  • HQE repolarizes the membranes of cells in the reproductive glands, and the function of the gastric membranes is established, the dead cells awaken and perform the basic function, the secretion of sex hormones and germ cells (oocytes and sperm);
  • Other glands involved in sexual activity (prostate glands that provide organ moisture) are given impulse to increase activity;
  • On the psychic plane: HQE leads to calming tension and removing anxiety, to increased secretion of the so-called The “hormones of happiness”, serotonin, endorphins (internal morphine, which is safe and useful) and directly removes psychological disturbances to sexual function, and indirectly physical ones.

It is most advantageous if you are treating a loving/married couple, whether they have a man or a woman.

HQE treatment supports and potentiates the effects of all other treatments, and is not a replacement for those treatments, but allows for faster and fuller healing.

Impact of Fertility

If the interference of fertility in a man is caused by spores and small sperm, then using HQE can achieve repolarizing and energizing sperm, and increase the speed of their movement and up to seven times, which multiple increases the possibility of fertilising. It is very important to confirm that there is no infection in the seeds and seed bags, because the infected seed fluid does not show the same progress, as sterile. In case of infection, it is first resolved, and then the acceleration and revitalization of spermatozoids can be achieved. With Spermogram showing the Norlaman number and the vitality of sperm, HQE doesn’t change anything.

If a woman’s fertility interference is caused by a poor oogenetic function of ovaries, or a spastic disruption of ovarian tubes, HQE can encourage ovaries to work better, as well as expand the ovaries, if the drying is not permanent and organic, because HQE has a significant impact on the so-called. The smooth musculature, which is located in all internal organs, courts and channels (blood and lycan vessels and glands channels) with intestines, and also ovarses.

HQE treatment is not a substitute for other treatments, but support and assistance for those treatments.

HQE Increases Total Vitality, Which Helped about Determination and Sexual Disorders.

Contact telephones: 064 39 33 095; 062 18 77 484

email: vitality@psy-help-energy, dddavid@psy-help-energy.com

How We Accept Universal Energy

We “bathe” in this unrealized, universal energy, it is all around us!

There is this energy in us to the extent that we want it and can receive it.

What does it depend on? What benefits from a higher energy intake?

First of all, the purity of the whole organism and every cell, and this explains the importance of fasting and fasting, a healthy diet and regular intake of good water. A cell that struggles with processing excess and poor food has no room to receive energy, nor can it generate enough clean energy in the mitochondria itself, and it rapidly decays and is slow or in no way restored. The cell and its functioning will always be discussed on this site.

Then, the purity of thoughts and feelings, kindness, beauty … all benefit from receiving energy. Everyone was aware that a single thought, word, news, sight, could increase the influx of good energies, or vice versa, to diminish them and weaken them to shreds.

These are exogenous, ‘uncreated’ energies, which we receive in a wave because we have made more space for them in our being, which has increased our capacity for receiving energy. Believers are convinced that it is an instant, lightning-fast reward from God for something good and beautiful that we have done, or experienced and accepted.

This can be done by each of us, on a daily basis, to start and end our day.

Finally, peace in prayerful silence or meditation expands our inner space, and thus increases our capacity to receive beneficial, healing energies.

Lastly, human quantum energy therapy is done by endowing endowed people with energy management and directing them to painful places on their own or in others.

Every man can be trained to help himself and his fellow men, and if he so chooses and if he is endowed, he can help others. Our body has a memory, remembers the gifts the Creator has endowed us with. Do not each of us first go to the painful place for the onset of pain? Doesn’t a mom love a place that hurts her baby and the pain stops? It is the memory of the species, the unconscious behavior of the body, we all possess it, but it can be learned and made aware, developed as a gift and as a technique of self-help and help to another.

PSY HELP ENERGY is also involved in this training. It is our ambition for each of our clients to be able to continue to maintain their energy abilities and to help themselves and their loved ones during treatment and after improving their condition.

Gifted and dedicated can learn more.

How Human Quantum Energy Works on Living Organism

When H Q Energy is applied to a healthy or diseased organism, the following occurs:

  • All blood vessels expand, blood flow speeds up, and tissue and oxygen supply improve.
  • All capillaries expand, and capillaries are the sites of exchange of material between blood and tissue. They are very narrow and vulnerable, sensitive both to the thickening of the blood wall and to agglomeration, agglutination (clotting) of blood elements, especially erythrocytes.
  • Due to the spread of all blood vessels, blood pressure drops rapidly.
  • Expansion of the capillaries results in an immediate improvement in cell metabolism, a better oxygen supply, and a more thorough elimination of breakdown products and toxins.
  • This is immediately apparent during the treatment, on the skin of the rejuvenated face and on the cells of the nervous system, as it is calming. On the cells of other organs, especially glands with internal secretions, this will be seen for a longer period, as the benefit will last for a very, very long time.
  • The aging process will be stopped and slowed down and some of them will be restored.
  • Each cell in the body receives a large amount of the purest energy, from which it lives and recovers.
  • Cell renewal is faster and more complete, leading to a general rejuvenation.
  • Smooth musculature in the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels, intestines, glands and glandular ducts, internal organs, musculature that we do not manage consciously and willingly, energizes and expands, so the whole organism works better and more harmoniously.
  • Energy flow is harmonized, moving along 72,000 meridians in the body, and without the smooth flow of energy there is no harmonious functioning of the organism,
  • The life force immediately rises to a much higher level,…
  • The sexual and reproductive capacity of the organism is improved.

Therapy with other drugs and therapeutic agents immediately produces better results, with reduced doses of chemical agents and faster healing and recovery, as:

  • capillaries expand and drugs reach the site of action faster and easier…
  • Athletes: Success in sports depends on the ability to act muscularly, on the so-called “Greek readiness”. During the action, the depolarization of muscle cells, fibers, is performed. Then the empty electrical charge of the cell – the fibers – is lost and the energy is wasted. The depolarized muscle cell is energetically empty.

Energy and Matter

Everything that exists – vibrates, and exists as a vibration and through vibration.

Energy and matter are one, and it is only the frequency at which they vibrate that decides whether they will be in the spectrum of matter or energy. At one moment, there may be energy at one frequency, and already at another and at another frequency – matter, and vice versa.

Nikola Tesla found that the area in which matter moves into energy and vice versa, that small range of vibration, gives the “finesse” – the quantum level of reality – the smallest parts of “everything.”

This “intersection” of matter and energy is the quantum instance, the quantum level, the membrane between worlds, and the space in which the creative process takes place.

Materialization, which is the property of holy men and miracle workers, takes place in this space.

What Is Quantum Energy?

It is the smallest amount of physical reality that can exist on its own (independently of anything) mainly in connection with the smallest amount of radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation. Quantum theory proves that matter and energy have both a corpuscular and wave nature, and that radiated energy is distributed to a finite, smallest amount, and involved in numerous processes, including transmission and transformation at the atomic and molecular scales. This energy, force or whatever you call it, is ubiquitous, it is found in everything and around everything, as the “weft and foundation” of everything.

In other words, everything first takes place at the quantum level. The most subtle creations, of which everything else is made up, exist first at the quantum level.

Such one of the most subtle creations are, e.g. photons thus explain the “black body radiation”, the photoelectric effect, or neutrino particles, the most pervasive corpuscles, which lightly pass through all matter and energy, or the existence of discrete, smallest “packages” of energy and matter.

Such the most subtle substance (both matter and energy) is the aura of living beings, as well as the energy that flows into the aura from the “universal energy field” on the one hand, and from the aura into living cells on the other.

The ubiquitous energy in question is known in all cultures and civilizations, and has many names, in every culture special: life ether, chemical ether, light ether, heat ether, then – pci, prana, flaw, barracks, yess, orenda , mgebe, Holy Spirit, orgone energy, animal magnetism (Mesmerism) bioplasma, odium power… In our culture this energy is considered the Holy Spirit, and for atheists it is “cosmic energy” and the like.

Human Quantum Energy – Human Quantum Energy

H Q Energy is that spectrum of universal energy, which permeates all our cells, and which is at man’s disposal, in and around him, as a life-giving force, which ensures a harmonious existence with the universe. At the same time, that energy can correct all of our aberrations, deviations, and disturbances, both in function and in physical structure.

We call it humane (human) not only because our life processes take place in it, but also because man is able to manage that energy.

Man Is an Energy Be: Created and Unreal Energy

Our body creates energy. The brain is a high-energy organ, consuming more than 20% of the oxygen and sugar that our body consumes. In doing so, the brain produces energy, which can also be recorded by our coarse instruments (EEG).

The melting nature of thoughts, including feelings, memorized material and other attributes of the mental process, which many believe, is not yet recorded by technical instruments, but there is ample evidence of this recorded by a human being (telepathy, extrasensory experiences, clairvoyance, healing and more) because man is the most perfect instrument.

In the heart there is the so-called. “Conductive musculature”, energetic, which produces energy impulses that lead to contraction of the heart muscle at regular rhythms and at a frequency that changes according to the needs of the organism. And this created energy can be registered by an ECG apparatus.

Every living cell in the body creates the energy needed to survive and function. A cellular “energy” is a mitochondria, an organone found in the cytoplasm, next to the cell nucleus.

But all of these “created energies” would not be sufficient for our survival and functioning, which is the ultimate miracle, if it were not for the general, unrealized energies, in which, as in the medium, everything that goes on and everything exists.

The Operation of Unregular Universal Energy on Living Matter

“When humanity studies non-physical phenomena, science will advance in ten years more than ever before.” Nikola Tesla

For many millennia, it seems that many peoples and many cultures have exploited these non-physical phenomena and harvested the fruits of their open mind and confidence in their experience with the “higher powers.” And they are “more” just because we still cannot measure them with our rough instruments.

We forget that man himself is the finest instrument, recording everything, and memorizing into his unconscious being, and if he pays attention and develops his talents, he observes everything with full awareness. “He who has eyes – let him see, who has ears – let him hear!”

In all cultures and civilizations, there are those who “had eyes and saw, and had ears and heard,” but above all the Chinese systematized it and turned it into a view of the world, of man and his health.

Here are some Chinese wisdom with full practical value, widely accepted in Western culture as well:


The decline of vital energy is the beginning of all the troubles with health.

Every man already knows this – the first thing he feels about getting sick is – fatigue, lack of energy for daily activities.



There is no healing without healing, ie. without restoring integrity, and this does not happen without restoring energy capacity.

Psy Help Energy

It deals with the improvement of human health and the environment, gathers various experienced experts from border areas, which hide unheard opportunities of a beneficial, with natural forces within us and around us: Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, quantum physicists, physicians of Quantum Medicine, physicians of traditional folk medicine, ortomolecular medicine, experts for discovering and removing geopathogenic and kozmopathogenic radiation, all those diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation methods of traditional medicine , which were just approved in Serbia, which include:

Therapeutic methods
Rehabilitation methods

Acupuncture and related techniques * * *

Traditional Chinese Medicine * * *



Quantum medicine and RELATED techniques * * *

Hiropractice and Applied Kinesology


Traditional domestic medicine

The Apiterapia


Chi Gong Exercises

Spiritual Energy Medicine * * *

Energy Therapy – Rheiki * * *

Detection of harmful radiation

Yoga Exercises

Family Schedule

This Chi chuan exercise

PSY HELP ENERGYY has experts in serious dealing with marked techniques and methods: Acupuncture and related techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Medicine and Related Techniques, Spiritual Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy . Rheiki, radiation detection.

Orthomolekularma Medicine, founded by double Nobel laureate Linus Carl Pouling, does not belong to alternative/complementary, but in classical, academic medicine, and it forms the basis of all programs PSY HELP ENERGY Y aimed at improving human life and health.


Y DIVISION HELP ENERGYY does not deal with “Supernatural” – because there is no supernatural nature.

The unknown forces we speak of as supernatural are perfectly natural. We declare them supernatural because we still cannot measure them with technical instruments.


Every man has passed the “boundaries of worlds daily” and touches his “higher nature and higher essence”, and experiences a large number of “paranormal” or “Supernatural” sensations, which does not pay enough attention. And that is exactly where you hide the unheard possibilities of every man to avoid getting sick, or to get out of disease and live a healthy, long, beautiful and successful life and be the backbone of his family.

Omnipresent Force – Quantum Energy – part of the cosmic force that is available to man – is the subject of our research, exercises, practice and training of people for self-help and health and medical support. Human Quantum energy is the part of the omnipresent quantum energy that stands at our disposal for self-help and assistance closer. Human quantum energy.


DIVISION HELP ENERGYY has programs for the advancement of Life and health of people.

The programs are based on the world’s centuries-old experiences of traditional health and disease, Kinsey, Indic and domestic experiences, and the settings


Set by Linus Karl Pauling, the double Nobel Prize winner.

Our experts, who work in several specialist offices, can provide excellent help and support in health – to improve and consolidate – and in sickness – to overcome the disease as soon as possible, that the effects of all other methods of treatment are faster, more complete and more durable…

You SHOULD not WAIT for the DISEASE, TRUST US with YOUR HEALTH, to PROMOTE and STRENGTHEN IT, TO LIVE more efficiently and easily OVERCOME the DIFFICULTIES of LIFE-healthier, longevity, more successful.




Do not despair, your overcoming life difficulties will be more successful with the program ALWAYS HAS HELP, always has the help of


With our SAN NAT URE program of medicines that you take will come to each of your cells, a smaller amount of medicine will be needed, and the effects will be higher and faster – because our SAN Nat URE program relies on ortomolecular medicine by double Nobel Laureian Linus, on millennia of the developed knowledge of various peoples and cultures. In our programs KNOWLEDGE IS ONE THING, it is a teak of mankind, and everyone should use it. SAN NAT URE Program SANNATURE

Find My Super

In Australia, an employer is supposed to deduct certain amount of money from their employees pay and submit it to a nominated, government registered superannuation fund. the superannuation funds are therefore funds set aside as social security fund for use as retirement.

Many Australians change employers frequently and they usually end up losing or forgetting which provider was responsible for their Superfunds. in some instances Australian residents end up with funds held by many varying and different Superfund organizations.

Having superannuation funds in small amounts held by different Superfund organizations, the charges, fees and other costs are high while the returns are low. this is a bad investment idea and will only become evident after the owner of the funds has retired and receives a low income from their fund.

Find my super is a website that searches for and helps to consolidate the superfunds of an individual that is held by various Superfund organizations. The process of locating and consolidating funds can be undertaken online or by mail. The applicant will fill in some forms and provide certain relevant data. Find my super will then use this information to seek and consolidate the funds. this process is usually undertaken at no charge at all to the applicant.

All citizens and residents of Australia are advised to conduct a search and determine whether they have super funds lying around in various Superfund organizations. When these funds are consolidated, the costs, fees and other charges to the account owner are low and the interests much higher.