Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19 – The enemy of the ambiguous face, all already well known, and the poorly researched corona virus (COVID-19) begins to change the life habits of children and parents, as never before. We have not experienced such a rapid and insufficiently clear spread of the virus in Western civilization. Which, according to the World Health Organization has gained the hallmarks of a pandemic. This means that the focal points of infection have spread transcontinentally, making it a global problem. Currently, the decision to close schools in Croatia is in place in one region. But the decision on the possible closure of educational institutions in Croatia is knocking on the door in other parts of our homeland.

Whether we can take our kids to parks, playgrounds, playrooms, cinemas, are just some of the most common questions of parents these days. Should we allow our children’s contacts with other children, especially those who are coughing, parents wonder. Need to Know About COVID-19.

1. Can we take children to public places?

In the case of smaller or more isolated environments. Where there is no data on infestation, there is still no barrier to children going to playgrounds, parks, cinemas, museums and the like. It is necessary to emphasize especially the importance of regular hand washing, when arriving from the outside, as well as before eating. The use of hygienic hand gels is not an effective way of maintaining hand hygiene.

There are very lively recipes for making homemade antiseptics. Namely, the percentage of the active substance in factory preparations is about 60%. For those prepared in domestic use it is not certain how big it is, which also calls into question their efficiency.

2. What if my child has mild respiratory symptoms? Should I take him to the hospital?

The answer is no. Corona virus must include high temperature, cough, breath (shallow breathing). Especially in preschool children does not constitute a typical symptom of corona virus-induced disease.

3. My child is guarded by grandparents, and they are a risk group for the corona virus. What do you want me to do?

If they don’t have symptoms, there’s no barrier to their contact. However, if they are suffering from chronic diseases or are immunochrome.

4. Should my child be tested if he is very ill with symptoms of cough, high fever and abundant nasal secretions?

There is no reason to test for the corona virus. Given the limited availability of testing, and the fact that it is not realistic to test everyone, they are subject to those at an objective risk. Need to Know About COVID-19.

5. What if the child is suffering from a more severe, chronic disease or is immunocompromised?

Due to the very limited and insufficient knowledge of the effects of corona virus in the child population. It is recommended based on the latest information from experts to adjust the rhythm and activity of the child from day to day. It is strongly recommended to move the child away from groups of people, events where a larger number of people gather, even if there is no information about possible infestation in the area.

6. What are the recommendations for using the public transport system?

Unless there are clear recommendations for restricting movement and social contact in an area. There is no clear reason at this time to avoid the use of public transport. However, if possible, it is necessary to give preference to walking or using a bike, for shorter distances.

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