Investment Myths and Truths

Investment Myths and Truths

Investment Myths and Truths

Investment Myths and Truths – Almost every person at least once in his life faced with a shortage of funds. Most people the so-called “financial issue” has to be resolved constantly. Receiving a salary in principle not bad. You can not only live tolerably well but also buy some expensive things like equipment and even a car. Such a life suits many at a certain point in time. People prefer to work in 12-14 hours at work in order to live more or less tolerably. Investment Myths and Truths.

But sooner or later many of them will want more. The apartment is in poor condition. The car has already begun to break down often and it is time to buy a new one. Besides it is always useful to go to the world to see and show yourself. This issue becomes especially relevant when retirement is not far off or perhaps there are disagreements with the bosses at work. Confidence in the future begins to evaporate.

Therefore any person who thinks about tomorrow and their own well-being would like to have a constant income. Except for a salary and be at least a little independent. Not shaking at work under the threat of being fired or not waiting with horror for a pension. And in such a situation there is perhaps the only way out to make even small savings “just in case” work and generate income. Simple mathematics suggests that by wisely investing money in various instruments. You can multiply your savings and receive monthly additional income in the form of interest. In Western Europe. The United States and Japan private investors invest trillions of dollars in various instruments and assets and receive the same trillions of dollars in income.

Why are our people so reluctant to invest their savings?

It’s just that in our country there are many myths about investing. Which almost everyone knows about and which repel many people. But if you look at it have nothing to do with reality. For example, most people are sure that in order to invest. You need to have a lot of money or high wages and a special economic education. However at present this is not at all the case. You can start investing with only a small amount about 10-100 dollars. At the same time especially in the case of trust management. No professional education in the field of economics is required. But it is enough just to take investment courses for beginners.

Many also believe that investing is too risky and even that investing is a form of gambling. Which sooner or later you will lose every penny. But in fact a competent investor who uses a set of various financial instruments for investing his own money. This diversifying investments and thereby significantly reducing all possible risks. According to statistics can lose his capital with a disproportionately less probability than a grandmother who keeps money under a mattress. Or an office worker who sets aside a portion of his earnings for a passbook.


There is an opinion that investing takes too much time. The result from investing even if it does appear will not be very soon. But if you figure out who an investor is, then you can understand that his task includes only a competent selection of investment instruments and subsequent monitoring of the state of the investment portfolio. It only takes 2-3 hours a week. At the same time an investor should not be confused.

For example with a trader who sits at the computer all day and monitors changes in the market in order to make the next deal on time. But a trader has a job like this. Income from investments often, occurs quickly enough and there is no need to wait for years. If we compare it with the accumulation process then it is still unknown what will be faster. This is all despite the fact that one does not interfere with the other in any case.

And so, the myths have been dispelled, but in order to understand what investment opportunities exist, learn how to correctly select financial instruments and minimize all possible risks, you should still turn to professionals.┬áIt is necessary to look for such professionals who for many years have been very successfully increasing their capital as an investor, despite crises and periods of “stagnation”.


Specially prepared training courses, the latest most complete investment training manuals for online business owners and ordinary citizens, which can be bought on the Internet and bookstores, will help. Rates usually cover all types of investments from investing in mutual funds, stocks, OFBUs to trust management in the FOREX market (Forex), hedge funds, options, real estate and precious metals. The course will teach novice investors where and how to invest part of the income from e-commerce or work in real life, in order to amass decent capital for themselves within several years, as well as how to place this capital after that with the least risks and maximum profitability in order to for the rest of your life, live exclusively on interest.

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