How We Accept Universal Energy

We “bathe” in this unrealized, universal energy, it is all around us!

There is this energy in us to the extent that we want it and can receive it.

What does it depend on? What benefits from a higher energy intake?

First of all, the purity of the whole organism and every cell, and this explains the importance of fasting and fasting, a healthy diet and regular intake of good water. A cell that struggles with processing excess and poor food has no room to receive energy, nor can it generate enough clean energy in the mitochondria itself, and it rapidly decays and is slow or in no way restored. The cell and its functioning will always be discussed on this site.

Then, the purity of thoughts and feelings, kindness, beauty … all benefit from receiving energy. Everyone was aware that a single thought, word, news, sight, could increase the influx of good energies, or vice versa, to diminish them and weaken them to shreds.

These are exogenous, ‘uncreated’ energies, which we receive in a wave because we have made more space for them in our being, which has increased our capacity for receiving energy. Believers are convinced that it is an instant, lightning-fast reward from God for something good and beautiful that we have done, or experienced and accepted.

This can be done by each of us, on a daily basis, to start and end our day.

Finally, peace in prayerful silence or meditation expands our inner space, and thus increases our capacity to receive beneficial, healing energies.

Lastly, human quantum energy therapy is done by endowing endowed people with energy management and directing them to painful places on their own or in others.

Every man can be trained to help himself and his fellow men, and if he so chooses and if he is endowed, he can help others. Our body has a memory, remembers the gifts the Creator has endowed us with. Do not each of us first go to the painful place for the onset of pain? Doesn’t a mom love a place that hurts her baby and the pain stops? It is the memory of the species, the unconscious behavior of the body, we all possess it, but it can be learned and made aware, developed as a gift and as a technique of self-help and help to another.

PSY HELP ENERGY is also involved in this training. It is our ambition for each of our clients to be able to continue to maintain their energy abilities and to help themselves and their loved ones during treatment and after improving their condition.

Gifted and dedicated can learn more.

How Human Quantum Energy Works on Living Organism

When H Q Energy is applied to a healthy or diseased organism, the following occurs:

  • All blood vessels expand, blood flow speeds up, and tissue and oxygen supply improve.
  • All capillaries expand, and capillaries are the sites of exchange of material between blood and tissue. They are very narrow and vulnerable, sensitive both to the thickening of the blood wall and to agglomeration, agglutination (clotting) of blood elements, especially erythrocytes.
  • Due to the spread of all blood vessels, blood pressure drops rapidly.
  • Expansion of the capillaries results in an immediate improvement in cell metabolism, a better oxygen supply, and a more thorough elimination of breakdown products and toxins.
  • This is immediately apparent during the treatment, on the skin of the rejuvenated face and on the cells of the nervous system, as it is calming. On the cells of other organs, especially glands with internal secretions, this will be seen for a longer period, as the benefit will last for a very, very long time.
  • The aging process will be stopped and slowed down and some of them will be restored.
  • Each cell in the body receives a large amount of the purest energy, from which it lives and recovers.
  • Cell renewal is faster and more complete, leading to a general rejuvenation.
  • Smooth musculature in the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels, intestines, glands and glandular ducts, internal organs, musculature that we do not manage consciously and willingly, energizes and expands, so the whole organism works better and more harmoniously.
  • Energy flow is harmonized, moving along 72,000 meridians in the body, and without the smooth flow of energy there is no harmonious functioning of the organism,
  • The life force immediately rises to a much higher level,…
  • The sexual and reproductive capacity of the organism is improved.

Therapy with other drugs and therapeutic agents immediately produces better results, with reduced doses of chemical agents and faster healing and recovery, as:

  • capillaries expand and drugs reach the site of action faster and easier…
  • Athletes: Success in sports depends on the ability to act muscularly, on the so-called “Greek readiness”. During the action, the depolarization of muscle cells, fibers, is performed. Then the empty electrical charge of the cell – the fibers – is lost and the energy is wasted. The depolarized muscle cell is energetically empty.

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