How to Have a Free Credit Card

There are several types of free credit cards. Today, whether we want it or not, it is necessary to have a credit card to make some purchases or contract services online. Depending on how we use it, credit cards can be an alternative when we have liquidity problems.

It is important that before applying for one, you consider some important aspects and that you compare between different cards. Depending on the bank, some will ask you for guarantees, not to be in the credit bureau, and proof of income. Similarly, some banks may charge you opening fees and monthly payments. However, it is possible to get a free credit card, without payroll and without much paperwork.

Free conventional credit cards

Free credit cards are cards that some banks grant for free. You normally request them directly by going to the bank or by going to the financial institutions that issue them. You can expect to be asked for collateral, not being on the credit bureau, and proof of income. Similarly, it is very safe that you have to pay interest and monthly payments. Each bank has different credit products and therefore it is important to compare which one suits you best. One of the things you can do to choose the credit card that suits you best if you live in Spain is to compare the Annual Equivalent Rates (APRs). This percentage is used to compare these products and find out which is more expensive.

Another thing to consider is your ability to pay, the interest you will have to pay, and the time you will have to pay. Will you have to pay the total monthly or monthly for twelve or more months? It is possible to process some credit cards without credit verification. However, if you ask for money they will almost always check that you are not in the ASNEF.

Free electronic credit card

An alternative to conventional cards are free electronic credit cards. These types of cards work in the same way as conventional credit cards, with the difference that you request them via the Internet and some are usually prepaid. These free virtual credit cards have the advantage that they are approved relatively easily and without much paperwork. Another advantage of applying for virtual credit cards is that it allows you, sometimes, to obtain a free international credit card. Most of the credit cards are backed by the giants MasterCard and Visa. This guarantees that your card will be accepted anywhere.

Some electronic credit cards allow you to obtain free disposable credit cards with which you can choose whether it is MasterCard or Visa. An example is Revolut and

When you go to apply for a free credit card online it is important that you confirm that these free credit cards are backed by one of these companies or that they are not shell companies. At least check that the company you ask for the card can respond in case something happens and that they don’t give you a fake credit card without money.

Credit cards without changing bank

Free visa cards without changing bank? If you already have a debit card or have an account, it is possible to obtain a credit card without changing banks. For this you have two options.

The first is to request it directly from your bank. In Spain it is enough to call by phone or go to your bank’s offices to see what the procedure is. As already mentioned, you will most likely be asked for proof of income. The second way to get a free credit card without changing a bank is to search the Internet for a free credit card that is linked directly to your bank account.

If you are looking for free credit card accounts you can check the link. Some examples of a free account linked to your checking account are Evo Finance and the Wizink Gold card. You can apply for a credit card without changing banks. Similarly, these free credit cards offer good conditions and are free.

Free Annuity Credit Card

There are credit cards with which the annuity is free. That is, with these free credit cards you do not have to pay any fee per year. It will depend on which bank or financial institution grants you the credit card if they will charge you annual fees or deferred annual fees in which they will charge you each month. Keep this in mind because you do not want to be surprised that they charge you a large amount per year. Obviously, if the card you want to hire is free, this should not be a problem.

Interest-free credit cards

It is possible to find credit cards without interest. Depending on the type of purchase you make or what you use the money for, you may not be charged interest. Interest is generally charged when you do not pay the full amount of your purchase. For example, if you used your credit card to buy medicine because you got sick or because you bought a tent to go to the beach on vacation and you cannot pay the total cost, then you will have to pay a minimum, including interest on from the cutoff date. The same happens if you withdraw money from an ATM with your credit card.

If you decide to pay something in installments you will have to pay an extra percentage on the total money you have used. It’s a good idea to compare which credit card has the lowest interest, or better yet, which card doesn’t charge you interest.

Credit cards without money

We do not offer any free credit card without money. But some companies offer prepaid cards, which are issued without you having money on them. These types of cards work like mobile recharge cards. You have the money you deposit and you can only spend that amount. It is important that you do not confuse free credit cards with free credit card for money. Free credit cards with money do not exist. No one is going to give you free money. Now that if you are looking for cards with which the bank lends you a certain amount of money and you pay it at the end of the month or in installments, check out bank credit cards and the previous sections.

Prepaid cards are free credit cards without money and more than helping you when you have liquidity problems, they are useful to pay things online, as well as to have a bank account when you do not have the necessary documents to open a conventional account. You can see these types of cards as a card to which you can deposit money.

How to get a free credit card

To get a free credit card, you need to first investigate which one is best for you. You can use our free credit card comparer. Some of them are Neteller, N26 or Revolut and can be processed from Spain and some other countries in the world. Once you have chosen the one you like the most and the one that suits you best, you will have to open an account through the internet. This will take you no more than 15 minutes. The third step for how to get free credit cards is to deposit money, which should appear in your new credit account. After that you can already use your credit card and recharge it when necessary. Visit the page how to have a free credit card, where you can find detailed information about it and how to have a free credit card.

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