Higher Interest Bank Deposits

Higher Interest Bank Deposits

Higher Interest Bank Deposits

Higher Interest Bank Deposits – Before any person who lives an ordinary life, has a stable job, certain savings. The question inevitably arises about the preservation and increase of money. This issue is also becoming especially relevant because at the moment it is very difficult on the market to find such an investment instrument. That would bring guaranteed high income and would suit the absolute majority of ordinary investors (investors).

Bank deposits are one of the most reliable investment instruments, but far from the most profitable. Interest rates on bank deposits have long turned into a simple protection against inflation rather than an accumulation mechanism. Investment funds, as well as trading on the forex market, of course, can bring good income. But it is not guaranteed and predictable. Here you also need to think about it, and have sufficient knowledge in the field of trading in financial markets. And if this is not trust management, spend a huge amount of time and effort to achieve success. Of course, most conservative-minded people who are not willing to take risks would only be satisfied with investments. With the possibility of obtaining a predictable and guaranteed income. But the question is where to invest money often remains open to them.

However, it’s not all bad. It turns out that bank deposits with a higher interest rate, and therefore the possibility of obtaining a stable, guaranteed and much higher income than on bank deposits at ordinary times and in an ordinary place, exists. You just need to be in the right place at the right time and you can get increased income. Where is this right place and when is this right time?

Commercial banks sharply increase interest on ruble deposits during crises

One of such time intervals is the beginning of the crisis. In our country, economic crises occur with enviable regularity when the price of oil falls or the general economic situation worsens in the leading countries of the world. The ruble exchange rate usually begins to fall sharply and, in order to maintain the attractiveness of ruble deposits, commercial banks are forced to raise interest on deposits. During this period, you can contact any commercial bank, it is desirable. However, that it is not a state bank (Sberbank, VTB, etc.), where the interest on deposits is traditionally lower, and open a deposit for a long term (at least one year). During the beginning of the last crisis in December 2014. The interest on bank deposits reached 20% and even 25% per annum. This percentage was much higher than inflation. A similar situation was observed in 2008. In this way,

Traditional shares of commercial banks before the holidays

Before a holiday, for example, before the New Year, many banks traditionally offer special deposits with a higher interest rate. The rates on such deposits can be higher by 1%, 2% or 3%, which is already quite good. It is only necessary to constantly monitor the situation with bank offers and act immediately if there is a good option.

Combined offers

Banks often offer combined offers or so-called comprehensive services. For example, you conclude an insurance contract, or you invest in an investment fund, and the bank provides higher interest on deposits. Also, some banks have special offers for regular customers, which, of course, must be used.

In conclusion, it should be noted that detailed information on interest rates on deposits in various banks. And on the availability of special offers is now published on the websites of banks and on special sites on the Internet. In any case, it is better to study all possible offers and choose the best option than lacing money on a deposit with Sberbank at 4% per annum with inflation of 8%.

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