Freedom Finance: Commodity Exchanges

Freedom Finance: Commodity Exchanges

Freedom Finance: Commodity Exchanges

Freedom Finance: Commodity Exchanges – Freedom Finance provides its investors with access to the largest US financial markets. The US securities market is the largest and leading in the world. This is what Freedom Finance specializes in. The variety of financial instruments is its main advantage. In addition to traditional stocks and bonds, the investor also has access to assets such as futures and options contracts. Quotations of issuers’ securities on the US markets are an indicator of their high liquidity. And the rise in the value of the shares of leading companies sometimes dizzy even experienced traders. Freedom Finance provides an opportunity to join the circle of investors to trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE and CME.


The New York Stock Exchange was founded back in 1817 and recently celebrated its 200th anniversary. It is a permanent symbol of the USA and financial success. To get into the listing, a potential issuer must show significant turnover: an annual income of almost 3 million US dollars, an average annual profit of 1.5 million, owning tangible assets of 18 million. The company must also be in demand by investors and have liquid shares. The average monthly turnover of stock trading should not be less than 100 thousand. As a win-win investment, Freedom Finance advises buying securities from well-known issuers on the New York Stock Exchange. They tend to show stable growth and are easy to sell when needed.


A much younger exchange, founded in 1971 and also located in New York. The main specialization – companies of the it-sector, high technologies and innovations, of which there are more than 3000 issuers today. It is mandatory to have securities of NASDAQ issuers in your portfolio – one of the recommendations of Freedom Finance consultants. Reviews and forecasts for listed companies are always the most favorable. Freedom Finance: Commodity Exchanges.


The Chigag Stock Exchange for futures and options trading stands separately. But today its turnover per day is almost USD billion. The main financial instruments are currency and commodity futures, index futures and interest rates and options on futures. 20 years ago, she launched the Globex electronic trading platform, which trades around the clock with a break of one hour. CBOE is the largest US options exchange. It has been operating since 1973. The most popular type of trading is index and interest rate options. To trade complex assets, it is better to use the services of a financial advisor, having chosen him according to recommendations and reviews. Freedom Finance also offers as an alternative special training at the Exchange University.

Car loan: is it worth taking?

Over the past years, the share of cars bought on credit amounted to almost 50%. Experts say that buying with bank funds is very popular. But people don’t always think about whether this type of deal is actually popular.

The subtleties of obtaining a loan that affect decision-making

For 5 years, on average, a person overpays to the bank for almost half of the cost of his purchase. The vehicle itself is getting cheaper every year – it is almost impossible to sell it later in order to make a profit. There are more lucrative offers from banks to reduce the amount of overpayments. Study the list of loans from Russian banks – this makes it possible to choose the best offer for yourself. When applying for a loan, you will definitely have to connect insurance. If you use your own accumulated funds, you can choose the program, avoiding overpayments for life and health insurance. Most banks are ready to consider you if you subscribe to a full insurance package. You will have to pay it separately or include it in a loan. In the latter case, interest is paid on it.

The subtleties include:

  1. A serious burden on the family budget. You will have to pay a fairly large amount for several years. If an economic crisis occurs in the country, then additional forces will be required to preserve savings.
  2. You cannot fully dispose of the car, since it remains in the ownership of the bank until the debt is repaid.
  3. There are offers on the market that at first glance seem to be very profitable. But often this is associated with marketing moves, and therefore with hidden fees and commissions.

If you want to take out loans for a car , carefully study the offers. Sometimes it is easier to take consumer loans from Russian banks, especially when a small amount is not enough.

When can I get a loan for a car?

A car loan is considered justified if the car is needed for work or business. In this case, the vehicle brings a constant income, which allows you to quickly pay off the debt and not harm your credit history. An example would be buying a car to work in a taxi. Such activity not only pays for the acquisition, but also brings additional income. The only drawback is that it is almost impossible to guess when the exchange rate will change.

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