Current Investment Instruments

Current Investment Instruments

Current Investment Instruments

Current Investment Instruments – In times of unstable economic situation, as everyone knows. You can make very good money if you have the necessary information about current opportunities. The fact is that for successful investments or earnings in times of crisis. It is necessary to assess the situation and possible consequences twice as better. After all, when outside the window is unfavorable for the sale of investment instruments. Then in case of an error, you can not only earn something, but lose a lot. How many cases were there when people bought apartments just for the sake of earning money. At the peak of their prices and in the end did not want to sell, and there was no money for repairs or renting either. In order not to find ourselves in a similar situation, we tried to realistically assess the existing opportunities.

Bank deposits

This instrument has become more risky than it was a year ago, simply because small and medium-sized banks are very difficult to go through crisis times. If you follow the news, at least one bank is closed every day in Russia, so in the case of bank deposits, you should be very careful about choosing a bank, rather than chasing high interest rates on deposits. At the moment, it is quite possible to open a bank deposit with an interest rate of 9-12% per annum, which is not so bad, and will make your money work for you at least a little.

Trust management

Despite the fact that trust management or all well-known PAMM accounts practically died out a year and a half ago with the collapse of two large companies, there are current offers on the market. Companies like Alpari, AMarkets, Alfa-Forex still offer PAMM investments. For those who do not know what it is, we will try to briefly explain. PAMM accounts come from the English word PAMM – percentage allocation management module, that is, a module for managing percentage allocation.

In simple terms, you give part of your funds to the management of a Forex trader who trades with your money. And you share with him both profitability and losses. Most often, this distribution is 50 to 50. For example, it looks like this. You give 10,000 rubles for management to trader 1, who for the first week shows a yield of 3%,. Which means that the total profit is 300 rubles. The income is divided depending on the offer between you and the trader himself, most often, according to the 50/50 system. Which means that you get 150 rubles, and 150 rubles for the trader. There are very high risks when investing in PAMM accounts, so you need to devote a lot of time to studying the trading of managers. The profitability of this instrument varies around 50-150% per year.

In addition to PAMM accounts, there is trust management on the Stock Exchange. The principle is the same, only traders do not trade on the Forex market, but on the stock exchange (Moscow or New York). The yield is lower but the risk is lower than with PAMM accounts Forex . With trust management in the stock exchange, you can count on 40% per annum. With a minimum deposit of 30,000 rubles.

Other types of investments

Do not forget that nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can invest in hundreds of different companies on your own. We do not take into account the pyramid and HYIPs, because in the end you only lose. Examples of such pyramid companies are Helix, Trans Credit, WebTransfer, BeastInvest and others. You may be reading now and do not recognize or cannot find information on any of these companies. Well, yes, it is quite possible that they no longer exist. There are many companies on the network that promise crazy percentages of up to 1000% per annum, without saying how they reach such numbers, and how they are regulated. All these companies live for about 4 weeks and up to 6 months. They live as long as there is a new infusion of funds from investors. That is why all pyramid companies have generous Refer-a-Friend referral systems.

There is a company like FinBrok that offers financial services with realistic returns of 27-31% per annum. They have been on the market for more than 8 years and have offices all over Moscow. There are dozens or even hundreds of such financial agencies. They help to distribute funds for an investment instrument, diversifying risks well, so that the yield is always higher than bank deposits.

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