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Insure a Muscle Car

Insure a Muscle Car

Insure a Muscle Car

Insure a Muscle Car – Whether you currently own a classic muscle car or you’d like to. Regardless or the year make, or model involved we all have one very common need insurance. Ah, insurance – the one word that almost everyone (except insurance agents) say with a tone of disgust. Most of the time, people take on auto insurance policies and pay the premiums. Never actually have to make a major claim against the policy. However, should a situation ever happen where you would need to make a claim (in the event of theft, fire, a wreck, etc.). You’ll be thankful your insurance policy is there to help you. The purpose of insurance is to offset risk and with the skyrocketing values of muscle cars these days insuring them well is a must. This leads to the big question which type of insurance do you need? Here’s a 50,000 foot overview! Slot Game Online.

Regular Old Insurance? No way!

We’ll start by addressing the type of insurance that you don’t need: regular old car insurance. “Regular” car insurance is the type of insurance that you have on your daily driver. Which for most people is no older than a 15 year old car or truck. Should an event ever occur where your car is totaled out. The insurance company will send you a check for (basically) the blue book value of the car. I’m simplifying things a bit here but you get the point. The blue book values of cars decline with age. So obviously if you’ve just put $40,000 into restoring your ’67 GTX (or just purchased one) you’d need a different type of insurance. Slot Game Online.

Agreed Value

This is a type of policy where you and the insurance company agree on an amount of coverage value for your car (say $40,000), and you pay a monthly premium on that. Companies like Hagerty and Grundy have been issuing these policies for years – and they have very low premiums to match. It’s a great way to get your car covered for a high dollar amount at a low price. What’s the catch? Usage. They have absolutely no requirements on limiting annual mileage, but it’s essentially insurance for people that drive their cars in parades, to car shows, and the occasional cruise. Slot Game Online.

Stated Value

What if you’d like to use your car more frequently, or as a daily driver? In that case, “stated value” insurance is the way to go. This is essentially just like regular car insurance (so you’re covered in every situation). But with a value stated on the policy for the car’s value and coverage amount. You’d need to find an insurance company to work with. The major auto insurance companies (Allstate as an example) offer these style of policies (along with many others). It will NOT be as cheap as the agreed value policies. But it will provide you the coverage that you’re looking for. Slot Game Online.


When insuring your muscle car, determine how it is you wish to use the car first, and then choose the appropriate type of insurance based on that. If you’re a “parade, car show, and cruise” kind of guy. Agreed Value is the way to go especially if you have a high dollar car. If you’re looking to use the car as daily transportation, go with Stated Value. As with anything else though – price the policy both ways! Slot Game Online.

Property Insured Against

Home Insurance Plan protects you against loss/damage cause by:

1) Fire, Explosion (including explosion of domestic appliances like geyser, stoves) lightning, thunder bolt, earthquake.
2) Burglary, house breaking or any attempt of threat.
3) Riot strike, labour disturbance and malicious act.
4) Aircraft and other Aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom as well as falling trees.
5) Bursting or overflowing of underground water or sewerage pipes (excluding damage caused thereto)
6) Flood, Typhoon but excluding rain damage except when occurring during or immediately after typhoon.
7) Impact by Road Vehicle.
8) Personal accident cover.
9) Loss of Rent &
10) Terrorism.

The contents sum insured you choose should represent the full cost of replacing your contents as New with items of similar quality at today’s prices. Slot Game Online.

About My Valuables

Your valuables like jewelry are held covered when they are:
1) at residence or
2) in a specified locker or
3) in transit between residence and the locker and vice versa or
4) worn and robbed any-where in country Insured value of the jewelry.
5) Cash on body also covered during transit also covered.

Happens Under Insured

If your sum insured is insufficient any claim you make would be reduced in the same proportion as the amount of under-Insurance. Insure a Muscle Car. Slot Game Online.
Today’s Home or Property Insurance are both really important due to all of the hazards that can happen. It will provide you best the compensation of your valuable property.

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Consider Choosing Camera Insurance

Consider Choosing Camera Insurance

Consider Choosing Camera Insurance

Consider Choosing Camera Insurance – Cameras enable us to capture the most memorable moments of our life. This is the reason many of us have at least one. A little negligence or mishandling can damage them. Hence, a sensible solution to safeguard your camera is to insure it with a right cover. As many insurance companies are offering different policies, it is necessary to understand the possible risks and the required protection for your camera. In this article, we will discuss on the things you need to consider before choosing a camera insurance policy. Slot Game Online.

Camera usage

Broadly, camera usage can be classified in to two types – personal and professional. Under personal usage, the camera is used purely for personal purposes, without any intention of making money. Even if you use a high-end professional camera, without making money, it cannot be considered professional usage. As part of professional usage, you use a camera to make money.
So, before opting for an insurance policy, be sure about your usage. Based on what kind of a photographer you are (as this determines the usage of camera) – amateur, semi-professional, or fully professional, there are different types of camera insurance policies. Slot Game Online.

Geographical/territorial limits

Many insurance companies offer camera insurance policies that have geographical restrictions. In case your camera has suffered damage outside the mentioned territorial limits of the insurance company, you are not eligible for claiming amount for the damage.

Imagine you were on a family tour. And while capturing some images, your camera fell down accidentally and stopped working. You may not bother much assuming that you have camera insurance to take care of this. But, when you call and report the same to the insurance company, their response may upset you. They may say that the insurance is applicable only if the accident happens in the city or country limits. Slot Game Online.

What all are included in the accidental damage?

At times, the insurance policies are very tricky. Though the policy claims that it offers cover to all possible accidental damages to the camera, in reality, the companies have a certain list of accidents, only for which the cover is applicable. Different companies include different accidents.
For instance, a general damage caused because of wear and tear, repairing, cleaning, and battery leakage, may not be considered and hence, makes the claim invalid. Be sure about the terms and conditions of accidental damage before purchasing the policy. Slot Game Online.

Theft coverage

Theft coverage is one more important thing to consider. As the chances of fraudulent claims are more when it comes to theft, insurance companies are a bit tough on claims related to theft. While, some companies may completely exclude theft coverage in the policy, some may include, but with conditions. Hence, be aware of the theft coverage before choosing the policy.

Other things to consider

In addition to above mentioned things, there are a few other points that are worth considering.
• Equipment cover: This cover is applicable to professional photographers who possess different camera accessories like additional lens, cover filters, tripods, lighting, flash equipment, etc. Besides offering cover to the body of the camera, if the policy offers cover to these accessories also, it would be beneficial. Slot Game Online.

  1. Public liability insurance: This would again help the professional photographers who own studios or those who perform photography sessions outdoors. Public liability helps them to save costs on the legal claims made by the injured public at the studio/outdoor shooting location due to photographer’s negligence. This insurance is for the studio owner and the cameraman, but not the camera.
  2. Equipment replacement: Camera replacement or ‘old for new’ are some of the schemes offered by the insurance companies. As they seem like a bait to attract the customers, one should be careful while considering these schemes. They can be considered to be useful to the policy holders, only if the terms and conditions are made transparent by the insurance company. Depending on the policy and specific conditions, the companies may replace your damaged camera with a new one.

You need to consider these points before choosing camera insurance. Approach a reliable broker to get a fair deal on your camera insurance policy. As he is a professional in this field, he understands the industry specific terminology and helps you choose the right policy. Slot Game Online.

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Compare House Insurance

Compare House Insurance

Compare House Insurance

Compare House Insurance – It is always important to compare house insurance policies before getting one for your home. This is one of the simplest ways to get the best possible deal to insure the buildings and contents of your home. Yes, this can be a long, tedious task to accomplish. It could take you weeks before you find the perfect policy for your home. But it will be all worth it after it’s all said and done when you compare house insurance. Game Slot Online.

Any home owner should get a proper home insurance policy. This is a must since you never know what could happen. Someone might rob you, your house may catch fire, an earthquake could level it to the ground, you simply never know. Accidents can happen at the blink of an eye. If your house is insured, then you at least have a net to fall back on. Yes, the pain of losing the home you’ve worked so hard to achieve will still be there, but not everything is lost. By getting a home insurance policy, you’ll have something to build on after an accident. And if you put some time and effort into comparing home insurance from different companies, you can find one which would suit your needs at a price perfect for your budget. Game Slot Online.

Of course, one company can have a different home insurance quote compared to another company. Some will have better offers, some will be expensive, some will be right for your budget, some might be outright rip-offs, and then there are those that will fit your needs perfectly. This is why it is important to compare house insurance from different companies. By doing so, you can see which policies are important and which ones you can make do without. At the end of the day, if you compare insurance quotes properly, you will end up with the best one that is available for you.

How To Compare House Insurance

Now the question is: how to compare the different quotes given by different sales people of insurance companies? It can be difficult since these people are trained to sweeten everything that they say. While they talk, it gives you a feeling that what they say is gold. They slowly reel you in with promises, sugar coating, and other tactics. If you want to compare home insurance quotes properly, you will have to learn to see through the act of these sales people. You have to train yourself to be able to listen to the important parts only so that you’ll be able to compare house insurance policies properly later on.

However, before you go out and shop for different quotes to compare house insurance later on. You will have to set a few things first. For one, you have to know what you want from a policy or at least a basic idea of what you want. Next, you would want to set a budget for it. This way, when you compare house insurance, you know what you are looking for.

To make an effective comparison, what you would want to know from the sales person are the various stipulations, deductibles, clauses, policies, and premiums. Basically you want all the facts. How much will you have to pay; what things are covered; and how can you lower the price; these are some of the facts that you want to look out for and list them down. Once you have done that, then it is time to sit back at home, look at your notes. Check the facts and compare home insurance policies from different companies. When you compare house insurance policies, not only will you find a price within your range, but you’ll be able to get the best possible deal.

Compare House Insurance Online

Then again, with the advancements of the Internet, you can now have an easier time to compare house insurance. You can now use the power of the internet to check out different insurance companies in your area and contact them through their websites. This way, you can gather information faster and compare house insurance without leaving the comfort of your house. Then again, the downside of this method is that you are limiting yourself to companies who have a website. There can be insurance companies that offer a good deal for you who do not own a site on the internet. So it is still best to look for them when you are doing your due diligence. Game Slot Online.

Compare House Insurance Summary

It is always important to have your home insured. But if you do not give some time and effort to compare house insurance policies. Then you might end up paying more for something you can get for a lot less. It may take some time, but be patient. Visit different companies and compare house insurance policies. They offer to find the one which will suit your needs perfectly. Game Slot Online.

Maximize Your Employer Benefits

Maximize Your Employer BenefitsMaximize Your Employer Benefits

Maximize Your Employer Benefits – When it comes to Health Insurance and Benefits, how do you decipher through all the news and figure out what it is you need to focus on? For most people their employer benefits are linked to a myriad of things including; number of children, premium cost, takes home cash, health status, age, etc.
However it’s very important to always pay attention when it comes to the details. In 2013 the cost of health care is expected to rise about 7.5% In most cases this is faster than the rate our household income will increase in 2013. This 7.5% will mostly likely translate into higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Here are a couple of budget saving tips that can be employed during open enrollment for 2013 to help bring a little bit more cash home, and add to your retirement.

Considering a Higher Plan Deductible

If you are a young healthy couple or individual in good health and have a healthy savings account, you can effectively lower the cost of your monthly insurance premium by choosing a HDHP (Higher Deductible Health Insurance Plan) The HDHP allows you to deducts funds from your paycheck pre-tax each month and contribute that amount to an HSA (Health Savings Account) This plan will allow you to reduce your overall taxable income annually (for families in the 25% tax bracket that’s a maximum out of pocket charge of $12,500 and 6,250 for individuals).

Pay Medical/Child Care bills with Tax Free Dollars

If you’re employer provides you the option to establish an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) account, always take it. The money that goes into an FSA account is pre-taxed and can be used for a lot of different medical expenses ( Co-Pays, prescription drugs, and other cost not covered by your insurance companies). Most company’s allow you to use your FSA to pay for qualifying child care expenses as well.

In 2013 you can contribute up to $2500 to an FSA for those in the 25% federal tax bracket, that’s $625 dollars. If you have children then you can contribute up to $5000 pre-taxed. This is a great opportunity to pay things that you would normally pay. Except you are not paying taxes on those dollars, saving you $600-$1500 or more annually. Note an FSA has to be used by March of the following year or it is lost. Maximize Your Employer Benefits.

Take Advantage of your Company 401K

The best things about 401k’s are the tax advantages. In 2013 you can deposit up $16,500 dollars pre tax to your 401k Account. This allows you to reduce your taxable income, while providing you a nest egg for your future. You can either give Uncle Sam your money, or you can save it away for your future.
Many employers will match a certain percentage of the employee’s contribution. Some companies will match a 100% of the employee’s contribution up to a certain point. This is FREE MONEY if you cannot contribute a large amount to your 401k, contribute enough to get the maximum match the company provides. Long after you leave your employer those dollars will still be accruing interest towards your retirement. Here are a couple of other things to think about when it comes to 401ks.
Investment customization and flexibility

Loan and hardship withdrawals

Maybe your healthy, or just don’t have the means. With the increase cost of insurance it may seem much easier to avoid dealing with the whole situation. Forego health insurance completely. There are a couple of things to think about if you are in that mind frame; starting in 2014 having health insurance will be mandatory for every individual, but it would be very foolish to wait till 2014. A simple doctor or hospital visit can run tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. An individual without health insurance will be responsible for the cost of that medical bill out of pocket. It’s hard to support a family if you are in debt. If you are unemployed or your company does not offer health insurance. There are various companies out there that cover individuals. Maximize Your Employer Benefits.

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Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes – When shopping for insurance for your home insurance for the first time sometimes you wish it was written in English. Well, you don’t have to be a licensed insurance broker to understand the insurance terms and quotes on your policy. All you have to know is their language and learning it is easier than learning a new foreign language.
Here is the top list of insurance terms and quotes that you should know when getting an insurance policy. You don’t have to learn everything but you can add new insurance terms and quotes along the way in your dictionary. Also read Slot Game Online.

1. Appraisal

When an authorized person evaluates the property value or even damaged property value of an insurance policy property claim.
Note: emphasis on property value or damaged property value.

2. Cancellation

Is a term used when an insurance policy within the policy term. Insurance can only be cancelled for reasons stated in the policy and as permitted by the law of the state where the policy holder resides. Note: emphasis on reasons stated in the policy and as permitted by state law. Thus, you must thoroughly have read and understood your policy before you cancel your insurance.

3. Claim

An insured request to reimburse for loss of property under the guidelines of the insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on guided by the insurance policy. Not all claims may be valid based on coverage.

4. Deductible

The amount that the insured has to pay out from his own pocket for a valid claim.
Note: emphasis on a valid claim this means not all valid claims are paid by the insurance company.

5. Depreciation

An estimate decrease on the property value due to aging, wear and tear and or other related factors.
Note: emphasis on related factors. Age is not only the basis of depreciation.

6. Exclusions

Are properties, persons or any circumstances that are not covered in the policy.
Note: emphasis on properties, persons and circumstances.

7. Inflation Protection

Automatically adjusts your home insurance policy limits to account for increases in costs to repair property.
Note: emphasis on automatic, adjusts and costs to repair property. This is a smart add on.

8. Lapse

Happens when policyholder does not pay the agreed amount or pays nothing at all for the home insurance policy. Lapse may lead to eventual termination of the policy.
Note: emphasis on pays nothing at all inform your insurance company if you are unable to pay your premium to work on an arrangement.

9. Liability Coverage

Pertains to losses that an insured policy holder is legally liable but can be covered due to negligence or other circumstances in a home insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on legally liable.

10. Market Value

The current value of your home plus the land.
Note: emphasis on current value.

11. Nonrenew Insurance

When an insurance company decides not to renew the insurance policy when the term ends. Insurance companies should inform policyholders beforehand for nonrenewing coverage.

12. Peril

Exposure to or cause of possible injuries and or destroyed or lost of property.
Note: emphasis on possible.

13. Personal Property

Any tangible property except for land either temporary or movable such jewelries, furniture, electronics etc.
Note: emphasis on tangible (can be seen with eyes) and movable.

14. Real or Tangible Property

Land, as well as anything permanently attached to, embedded in or growing on it.
Note: emphasis on embedded, attached and growing.

15. Replacement Cost Coverage (on Dwelling)

Covers or pays for the cost to replace damaged property or structures without factoring in deductions for depreciation, but payment is limited to a maximum dollar amount.
Note: emphasis on limited dollar amount.

16. Replacement Cost Coverage (on Contents)

Covers or pays for the cost to replace damaged personal property or items at current costs without considering deductions due to depreciation.
Note: emphasis on deductions and depreciation

17. Sub-limit

A specified amount that is less than the maximum limits on a home insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on specified types of property.

18. Underwriting

Is the process that an insurance company uses to determine if someone is eligible for insurance, if so, how much that person should pay for insurance.

There you have it, the very basic home insurance terms and quotes. Knowing these insurance terms and quotes will help you to better understand your insurance quote. This will give you an advantage when you are trying to make the right decision. But do bear in mind that these are just the basic insurance terms and quotes, if you encounter anything new it would always pay to ask your insurance professional.

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5 Features Investment Management

5 Features Investment Management

5 Features Investment Management

5 Features Investment Management – If you handle the assets and investments of clients. Then I am sure you agree that an investment management solutions in an important tool. One that you use in your day to day work. However, with so many options available it can sometimes be difficult to decide which solution to go for. So if you are currently looking for such a tool. Here are 5 features to look for in investment management software.

1. Remote & Mobile Access

If you want to access clients’ information easily, then you should look for a solution which includes a web-based and also mobile option, so you can remotely access vital data anywhere you go. You will be able to easily log into the system even via your mobile device. Any time day or night to access data, manage investment, apply changes and more. Being able to management your client’s investments for any city in the world is a crucial element, especially if you are on the go often.

2. Unlimited Number of Clients

Make sure that your investment management software is set to handle an unlimited amount of clients. Even if you are just starting out, you cannot restrict yourself by choosing to use software which sets limited on the number of clients you can handle. The software you choose should also cater for more than one user. This way, several people can access the same program if need be. You will need to check to see if additional licenses are needed for this kind of setup, as some companies charge additional fees for additional users. In fact in some cases, you may need to license each user. However, this will depend on the size of your organization.

3. Effective and Flexible Reporting Capabilities

Make sure to choose a solution that delivers the kinds of reports that you need for your business. Prior to choosing the software you should be able to view screen shots of the program features especially when it comes to reports. Take a look at sample reports and if they are not what you need, then look elsewhere. If such screen shots and sample reports are not available on a company’s website, get in touch with them and get a live demo of the solution.
Branding is important for many businesses; therefore find a solution that allows you to add your name and logo to all correspondence and reports. It should be a seamless fit, and not a “one size fits all” appearance. This will provide professional appearance and inspire confidence in clients.

4. Front to Back Office Integration

To ensure and increase future business profitability look for an investment management solution that provides full integration of the Front to Back Office process. Front to Back Office integration will bring together customer acquisition processes, with client management applications and datasets. Such seamless integration will improve productivity, helping you to provide a better service and therefore increase your customer retention rate.

5. Flexible (and Effortless) Customization

Managing investments for different clients, each with very different scenarios, means you will have execute custom processes for each. This is why your chosen investment management software should provide you with the ability to adjust and customize new rules, regulations and processes easily and effortlessly. Some solutions might be restricted in this area, and some vendors might indeed charge extra fees for additional rule customizations. Therefore look for a solution that, along with providing a set of pre-defined rules and processes based on industry standards, also provides you with the flexibility of adapting and adding your own.


Finally, make sure that the software company you choose provides an effective support system that is available during your business hours. It is better if there is twenty four hour support, but this may not be necessary. You should also be able to call and talk to someone about your problem. This insures that you have prompt action on any situations that occur. Make sure you get these questions answered before committing to an investment management solution.

These are just five important features you will need to consider when evaluating the options for an investment management solution. Of course ensure you get an extensive trial of the software, or a thorough demo, before going ahead. Looking online for past client reviews and testimonials should also help you make a much more informed decision.

Accident Health Insurance

Accident Health Insurance

Accident Health Insurance

Accident Health Insurance – There are so many travelers every year and in many countries tourism is the mainstay of the economy. There are many people who have illnesses and still love traveling. When they travel to the U.S. whether on work or leisure, it is important to have visitor insurance handy.

Without insurance medical care costs can be too heavy to deal with. It is important to make sure that you have the proper documents in place in order to make sure that you do not end up paying more than you need to. When you look for insurance you must make sure you research enough to get the best possible deal while traveling.

Choose from providers

When looking for visitor insurance you must be able to choose from the many providers and pick out a reputed one. There are many different plans and payment options for travelers to choose from. When you are looking for insurance deals then make sure that you speak to the customer service representatives and make an informed decision.
When you do not know the right information you will end up buying the wrong policy and getting improper coverage which will lead to large losses later on. In every case it is better, to get coverage before traveling or buy it immediately after reaching.

Look for reasonable prices

When you talk to insurance companies for visitor insurance, you should know beforehand what the right deal is and what is reasonably priced. If you look through low cost options and compare prices online you will be able to get some really superb deals on your visitor health insurance.
When you want to find a deal where the perks are great also look for renewable insurance deals.

University insurance plans

There are a lot of different kinds of insurance deals available. Along with this there is also visitor insurance for various reasons according to the needs. Students who are part of an education abroad can select from options directly available through their university. Foreign nationals visiting for a vacation or personal reasons can also get their insurance documents and applications sorted out with ease online.

Types and benefits

There are a number of ways by which they can speed up the application. There are coverage plans which are comprehensive and have a slightly higher premium. They are excellent options and choices for people who are discerning customers. With so many choices available people are often at a loss to be able to decide immediately. There are superb deals available for immigrants as well based on the need of the hour.

A common cause of repossession in the US is an illness in the family.

  • Expenses normally go up with a disability
  • Income usually goes down with a disability
  • Hospitalization insurance seldom pays 100% of the expenses while you are sick or injured
  • Hospitalization insurance does not pay your loan payments while you are sick or injured
  • Workman’s Compensation only covers work-related injuries

When you purchase an Accident Health Insurance Policy…

In the event that you would become sick or injured, a fully-secured loan that includes accident health insurance means:

  • You do not have to be hospitalized to collect
  • Payments made on your behalf do not have to be repaid
  • Your policy becomes effective on the date of your loan
  • The cost is not rated according to age or occupation
  • There is no lump sum cash outlay. The premium is included in your monthly payment
  • Benefits are tailored to the amount financed. You are not paying for more insurance than you need.
  • There are no limits on the number of times that you can collect

Credit Life and Accident-Health Insurance endorses the philosophy that “no debt should outlive the debtor”.

Health Insurance Protection

Health Insurance Protection

Health Insurance Protection

Health Insurance Protection – In the UK, there are three types of insurance that are commonly misunderstood by consumers: health insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. For insurance experts, these three products are very different. But for newbies to the insurance market, understanding the differences between them can be a minefield. Here, we distinguish between health insurance, income protection and critical illness cover to help people choose a protection policy that is right for them.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover is designed to pay a tax free lump sum on the diagnosis of a pre-defined serious illness. All critical illness policies should cover seven core conditions. Critical illness policies will not pay out for mild conditions. Critical illness will pay you a lump sum on diagnosis, and you can choose to use the money for whatever you need. Many people use it to pay off their mortgage if they cannot work through the illness, to pay for private therapeutic care or to make modifications to the home.

The premiums of critical illness cover vary depending on the size of the lump sum you want to receive, how many conditions you want to be covered for, and personal details like your health and your smoker status.


  1. For single people with no dependents, critical illness cover that pays off the mortgage means you have fewer bills or a lump sum to play with if you are very unwell.
  2. You will be under no pressure to get back to work because you will be financially supported
  3. You can use your critical illness money for anything you like


  1. Benefits are payable only to survivors, but some insurance companies will pay as long as you survive a critical illness for a minimum of 15 days.
  2. Once the money runs out, you will not be getting any more
  3. Critical illness cover will only pay out for predefined illnesses, even if you cannot work for another milder condition

Income Protection Insurance

  1. Income protection is a policy designed to replace part of your monthly income if you are unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment. Rather than paying you a lump sum, income protection will give you a monthly income to live off.
  2. Short term policies will only pay out for a maximum of 12 months, but long term policies can pay out until retirement. The money that you get paid is usually a percentage of your gross salary, up to around 60%. The premiums of income protection will vary depending on your age, your smoking status and your medical history. Long term policies are usually more expensive than short term policies because they pay out for longer. A policy that pays out until retirement will cost more than a policy that pays out for five years.
  3. Before buying an income protection policy, check with your employer about other benefits you may be eligible for. If you choose an income protection policy that kicks in after these 28 days, your premiums will be lower.


  1. Income protection will mean you don’t have to rely on your savings or state benefits if you cannot work through illness or accident
  2. Long term policies will pay out until retirement
  3. Some policies offer cover for involuntary unemployment, giving you a maximum of 12 months to find another job
  4. You can either use your money to pay for general lifestyle costs or to meet the costs of a specific debt- the policies are very flexible


  1. Short term income protection will only pay out for 12 months, even if you have not returned to work in this time.
  2. Premiums can be high if you work in a dangerous occupation or if you have a complicated medical history.

Health Insurance

Health insurance will cover the costs of private treatment if you do not want to be treated on the NHS. With health insurance, you will skip the NHS waiting lists and be treated at a time of your choice. With a specialist of your choice at a hospital of your choice.

Like most insurance policies, the amount you pay in premiums will affect your level of cover. Cheap health insurance policies may only cover the cost of inpatient treatment in a private hospital, and will often not cover cancer treatment. Mid-range policies will usually meet the costs of inpatient and out-patient treatment. They may cover cancer treatment up to a certain annual limit. Comprehensive policies are the most expensive. But they will cover the cost of all private treatment, regardless of cost or treatment time.

Health insurance premiums will be affected by your age, your location and the type of policy you choose. You can lower the cost of health insurance premiums by adding an excess or not paying for hospitals you do not need to be covered for.


  1. Health insurance lets you choose your treatment time, your private hospital and your specialist without waiting on the NHS
  2. You will stay in a private ensuite room with excellent facilities
  3. Some policies cover the costs of expensive drugs not available on the NHS


  1. Some health insurance policies have limits which may mean you have to meet certain costs yourself if you exceed them
  2. Health insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions
  3. Health insurance does not cover treatment for chronic conditions

What type of policy do you need?

As you can see from the above, these three types of insurance are all very different, and there are advantages and disadvantages to all three. There are a number of instances where payments under one plan would not be allowed under the other.

All these policies will require you to disclose certain personal information. Whether that be your medical history, your occupation or your smoker status. The best way to determine what policy is right for you is to use an insurance comparison website or an insurance broker to gain helpful advice and important information.


  1. Some health insurance policies have limits which may mean you have to meet certain costs yourself if you exceed them.
  2. Health insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions
  3. Health insurance does not cover treatment for chronic conditions

What type of policy do you need?

As you can see from the above. These three types of insurance are all very different and there are advantages and disadvantages to all three. There are a number of instances where payments under one plan would not be allowed under the other.

All these policies will require you to disclose certain personal information. The best way to determine what policy is right for you. Is to use an insurance comparison website or an insurance broker to gain helpful advice and important information.

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