5 Ways You Can Become a Victim


5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim – A while there are measures you can take to safeguard your identity. Including Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft Shield. No one is immune. The difference for those who employ the services Pre-Paid Legal offers is that when you become a victim. You have the power of legal counsel and the experience of licensed investigators working on your behalf. You have the power to fight back. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

1.) Drivers License Identity

In America, our driver’s licenses, issued by each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation, have become our national identification card. Multiplying the potential for theft. If your driver’s license is stolen. Used by someone who receives a DUI or DWI and then fails to appear in court you may be arrested.
A Pre-Paid Legal membership with the Legal Shield add-on gives you access to an attorney 24-hours a day via a toll-free phone call.

2.) Medical Identity

When someone uses your name, Social Security Number, birth date or your insurance card to obtain medical services, they’ve attacked your medical identity. Whether they assume your identity for the purpose of getting tests, or to receive treatment, not only will your name be on the bill, but the results may become part of your medical history.
Setting the Medical Information Bureau straight – and restoring your medical identity – in most cases requires an attorney. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, you’ll have qualified legal counsel at your fingertips.

3.) Social Security Number Identity

When your Social Security Number is used by an identity thief to file with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), you are stuck in the middle with the tax bill, and a serious need for an attorney. If an undocumented worker uses your Social Security Number to get a job, the income reported to the IRS from the W-2 will raise a red flag as unreported income on your tax return. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership you have access to legal counsel and to IRS audit legal services if needed. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

4.) Character Identity

It may seem like something out of a movie. But when someone assumes your identity and commits a crime in your name, the drama is real. You will obviously want to speak to an attorney. In a situation like this, it’s not likely that your credit card company will be of any assistance. Quick detection is essential in the fight against identity theft. The Identity Theft Shield alerts you when there has been a change on your Experian credit file. Which could be a change of address or change to your public records, including felonies.

5.) Financial/Credit Identity Theft

This form of fraud is the one most commonly recognized as identity theft: stealing your identity for financial gain. If you do not deny the debt within 60 days. It is common for victims to be unaware of a theft situation until months after the crime has occurred.

In situations like these and many others the early detection and restoration services that come with the Identity Theft Shield and the legal services of a Pre-Paid Legal membership. Provide an added layer of protection. The hours involved in dealing with identity theft add up. It’s reported that it takes 600 hours to deal with true identity theft, do you understand now how the Pre-Paid Legal membership combined with the Identity Theft Shield can be an invaluable service to you and your family. Pre-Paid Legal is the only company that offers a suite of products that fights identity theft before during and after the crime.

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