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Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings

Durbin and Debit Savings – As you may recall, from an earlier article written on this subject. Durbin capped the amount that “regulated” banks could charge for their issued debit cards. Now, here’s where it tends to get a little tricky… who and what are “regulated” banks? Well, the guideline is, I believe, $10 billion is assets. Banks that don’t meet the asset criteria are “exempt” from the caps, therefore protection of one of their revenue streams. Do you have a debit card? Do you know the asset size of your issuing bank? Not that it matters to you as a card holder but, to a merchant, it could make a big difference in fees. Game Slot Online.

Now the articles I write are primarily meant for the beneficial education of merchants. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of fees. Typically, if a customer is spending money with you they will likely only use their debit card for smaller (and “smaller” means different things to different people) transactions. So, for sake of this discussion, let’s say the transaction size is $100 and the customer hands over their debit card. Let’s compare some cost-to-the-merchant examples:

Tiered Pricing

Let’s assume that you are on a Tiered Pricing structure and are getting charged $1.23% + $.10 for swiped debit cards. Your fees on the $100 transaction would be $1.33 and under this form of pricing, you’re not getting the benefit of pinned or Durbin pricing. So, in effect, under this form of pricing, your processor is keeping all that extra profit for themselves. Game Slot Online.

Interchange Plus Pricing

If you’ve read any of my articles in the past. You know that I’m a strong proponent of total transparency in pricing which is what Interchange Plus Pricing offers. Let’s say that you’re fortunate enough to be priced at Cost Plus .25% + $.10 and utilizing those numbers, let’s look at some numbers. So, a customer hands you their debit card (and certainly, remember here you don’t know if it is issued by a “regulated” or “exempt” bank). First let’s look at your cost if it’s an exempt card.

Taking the.80% + $.15 PLUS your .25% + $.10, you are at 1.05% + $.25 or a total of $1.30 in fees on the $100 transaction. No great savings here when compared to the Tiered Pricing description shown above but, now, what if it’s a “regulated” card. Then, under this Cost Plus pricing, the cap is .05% + $.21 and then you tack on your PLUS of .25% + $.10 and you have a rate of .30% + $.31 resulting in total fees of $.61… now we’re talking.

Pinned Debit Comparisons

Now, let’s say that you are hooked up to accept pinned debit transactions either through an external/internal pinpad. Now, typically, your processor will be charging you a Monthly fee of maybe $5.00 to accept pinned debit transactions. Also a per transaction fee of maybe $.15. So, when a customer hands you their card. You have them enter their pin number and now your costs are as follows:

Your fees on the $100 transaction would be $1.10. On the other hand. The regulated rate is .05% + $.21 + $.15 (for the processor). So the total fees on this $100 transaction would be $.41. Of course, this would represent a significant savings for you.

Now with all this said, and with all these numbers swirling around in your head. What is most beneficial to you as a merchant? In my opinion, when you look at the numbers, it really doesn’t matter if you are on a Tiered or Interchange Plus pricing model. Since you’ll never know at the point of sale if the card is issued from a regulated or exempt bank. The resulting savings that go along with it. Hopefully, this has helped to de-mystify some of the confusion I’ve been hearing about regarding this Durbin Amendment. Thanks for reading. Game Slot Online.

Maximize Your Employer Benefits

Maximize Your Employer BenefitsMaximize Your Employer Benefits

Maximize Your Employer Benefits – When it comes to Health Insurance and Benefits, how do you decipher through all the news and figure out what it is you need to focus on? For most people their employer benefits are linked to a myriad of things including; number of children, premium cost, takes home cash, health status, age, etc.
However it’s very important to always pay attention when it comes to the details. In 2013 the cost of health care is expected to rise about 7.5% In most cases this is faster than the rate our household income will increase in 2013. This 7.5% will mostly likely translate into higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Here are a couple of budget saving tips that can be employed during open enrollment for 2013 to help bring a little bit more cash home, and add to your retirement.

Considering a Higher Plan Deductible

If you are a young healthy couple or individual in good health and have a healthy savings account, you can effectively lower the cost of your monthly insurance premium by choosing a HDHP (Higher Deductible Health Insurance Plan) The HDHP allows you to deducts funds from your paycheck pre-tax each month and contribute that amount to an HSA (Health Savings Account) This plan will allow you to reduce your overall taxable income annually (for families in the 25% tax bracket that’s a maximum out of pocket charge of $12,500 and 6,250 for individuals).

Pay Medical/Child Care bills with Tax Free Dollars

If you’re employer provides you the option to establish an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) account, always take it. The money that goes into an FSA account is pre-taxed and can be used for a lot of different medical expenses ( Co-Pays, prescription drugs, and other cost not covered by your insurance companies). Most company’s allow you to use your FSA to pay for qualifying child care expenses as well.

In 2013 you can contribute up to $2500 to an FSA for those in the 25% federal tax bracket, that’s $625 dollars. If you have children then you can contribute up to $5000 pre-taxed. This is a great opportunity to pay things that you would normally pay. Except you are not paying taxes on those dollars, saving you $600-$1500 or more annually. Note an FSA has to be used by March of the following year or it is lost. Maximize Your Employer Benefits.

Take Advantage of your Company 401K

The best things about 401k’s are the tax advantages. In 2013 you can deposit up $16,500 dollars pre tax to your 401k Account. This allows you to reduce your taxable income, while providing you a nest egg for your future. You can either give Uncle Sam your money, or you can save it away for your future.
Many employers will match a certain percentage of the employee’s contribution. Some companies will match a 100% of the employee’s contribution up to a certain point. This is FREE MONEY if you cannot contribute a large amount to your 401k, contribute enough to get the maximum match the company provides. Long after you leave your employer those dollars will still be accruing interest towards your retirement. Here are a couple of other things to think about when it comes to 401ks.
Investment customization and flexibility

Loan and hardship withdrawals

Maybe your healthy, or just don’t have the means. With the increase cost of insurance it may seem much easier to avoid dealing with the whole situation. Forego health insurance completely. There are a couple of things to think about if you are in that mind frame; starting in 2014 having health insurance will be mandatory for every individual, but it would be very foolish to wait till 2014. A simple doctor or hospital visit can run tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. An individual without health insurance will be responsible for the cost of that medical bill out of pocket. It’s hard to support a family if you are in debt. If you are unemployed or your company does not offer health insurance. There are various companies out there that cover individuals. Maximize Your Employer Benefits.

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Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes

Insurance Terms and Quotes – When shopping for insurance for your home insurance for the first time sometimes you wish it was written in English. Well, you don’t have to be a licensed insurance broker to understand the insurance terms and quotes on your policy. All you have to know is their language and learning it is easier than learning a new foreign language.
Here is the top list of insurance terms and quotes that you should know when getting an insurance policy. You don’t have to learn everything but you can add new insurance terms and quotes along the way in your dictionary. Also read Slot Game Online.

1. Appraisal

When an authorized person evaluates the property value or even damaged property value of an insurance policy property claim.
Note: emphasis on property value or damaged property value.

2. Cancellation

Is a term used when an insurance policy within the policy term. Insurance can only be cancelled for reasons stated in the policy and as permitted by the law of the state where the policy holder resides. Note: emphasis on reasons stated in the policy and as permitted by state law. Thus, you must thoroughly have read and understood your policy before you cancel your insurance.

3. Claim

An insured request to reimburse for loss of property under the guidelines of the insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on guided by the insurance policy. Not all claims may be valid based on coverage.

4. Deductible

The amount that the insured has to pay out from his own pocket for a valid claim.
Note: emphasis on a valid claim this means not all valid claims are paid by the insurance company.

5. Depreciation

An estimate decrease on the property value due to aging, wear and tear and or other related factors.
Note: emphasis on related factors. Age is not only the basis of depreciation.

6. Exclusions

Are properties, persons or any circumstances that are not covered in the policy.
Note: emphasis on properties, persons and circumstances.

7. Inflation Protection

Automatically adjusts your home insurance policy limits to account for increases in costs to repair property.
Note: emphasis on automatic, adjusts and costs to repair property. This is a smart add on.

8. Lapse

Happens when policyholder does not pay the agreed amount or pays nothing at all for the home insurance policy. Lapse may lead to eventual termination of the policy.
Note: emphasis on pays nothing at all inform your insurance company if you are unable to pay your premium to work on an arrangement.

9. Liability Coverage

Pertains to losses that an insured policy holder is legally liable but can be covered due to negligence or other circumstances in a home insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on legally liable.

10. Market Value

The current value of your home plus the land.
Note: emphasis on current value.

11. Nonrenew Insurance

When an insurance company decides not to renew the insurance policy when the term ends. Insurance companies should inform policyholders beforehand for nonrenewing coverage.

12. Peril

Exposure to or cause of possible injuries and or destroyed or lost of property.
Note: emphasis on possible.

13. Personal Property

Any tangible property except for land either temporary or movable such jewelries, furniture, electronics etc.
Note: emphasis on tangible (can be seen with eyes) and movable.

14. Real or Tangible Property

Land, as well as anything permanently attached to, embedded in or growing on it.
Note: emphasis on embedded, attached and growing.

15. Replacement Cost Coverage (on Dwelling)

Covers or pays for the cost to replace damaged property or structures without factoring in deductions for depreciation, but payment is limited to a maximum dollar amount.
Note: emphasis on limited dollar amount.

16. Replacement Cost Coverage (on Contents)

Covers or pays for the cost to replace damaged personal property or items at current costs without considering deductions due to depreciation.
Note: emphasis on deductions and depreciation

17. Sub-limit

A specified amount that is less than the maximum limits on a home insurance policy.
Note: emphasis on specified types of property.

18. Underwriting

Is the process that an insurance company uses to determine if someone is eligible for insurance, if so, how much that person should pay for insurance.

There you have it, the very basic home insurance terms and quotes. Knowing these insurance terms and quotes will help you to better understand your insurance quote. This will give you an advantage when you are trying to make the right decision. But do bear in mind that these are just the basic insurance terms and quotes, if you encounter anything new it would always pay to ask your insurance professional.

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Mistakes Made by Team Leaders

Mistakes Made by Team Leaders

Mistakes Made by Team Leaders

Mistakes Made by Team Leaders – In a recent survey (early 2011) of a current and former employees working in the banking and financial services firms in the UK. Team leaders and team members revealed 17 Among the mistakes made most frequency by managers in banking and financial services firms are:

1. Poor Communication

If you are new to the role, ensure that you arrange meetings with all members of your team, as a group (and individually, depending on the size of the team) soon after you have been appointed. This will ensure that as a Manager and Leader you share the overall team goals, provide an update on the needs of the business and set expectations for contributions from each member of the team. Even more importantly, meeting at an early date will allow you to answer questions and provide clarification for all team members. In this way, there is less likelihood of your team receiving information from the ‘rumour mill’, instead of official sources. It will be your opportunity also to identify members of the team that may be resistant to any impending change and to begin understanding personalities and strengths among members of your team.

2. Poor preparation for your role and tasks

Part of your own preparation for a new job or promotion should be improving your knowledge about the organisation as a whole and specifically the objective or purpose of the department you will be managing. Your preparation should include discussions with others who were part of the team previously -both team leaders and members. Such discussions can provide invaluable insights. You will begin learning about the strengths and weaknesses of your team. In so doing, you can begin to develop strategies and identify concrete actions that will enable you to develop a more effective and high performing team. In this phase of your research, you will be able to assess if you have the relevant skills to manage the team.

One way of conducting your skills review is through self-assessment with a relevant skills matrix. This can be done using a SWOT analysis (SWOT -Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)s. The findings from your self-assessment will help you to decide which skills you need to develop more urgently. Especially through training and/or coaching.

3. Setting unrealistic timelines to achieve individual and team targets

Your success as a Leader and Manager depend on the effectiveness of your team. Therefore, do not set up members of your team for failure! If you do not understand the scope of the task, discuss with your own line manager or members of your team. When you insist on setting unrealistic time-lines, you are setting your team up for failure.

A simple way of ensure you set relevant timelines is through prioritizing. When there are urgent and important tasks to be completed. Ensure you set out clearly what is required and provide resources necessary to ensure timely completion. Sometimes, in order to achieve this you have to subdivide a priority project into a number of tasks. Which might then be completed by different members of the team working to very clear timelines. As the Team Leader or Manager, your role will be to ensure you have updates at agreed timelines. Identify unexpected problems and resolve those immediately.

4. Demonstrating very poor interpersonal skills when interacting internally

Your research on the team you are about the lead will enable you to conclude. Which of the five stages of team development they will be when you begin your role. When you can decide whether your team is at the forming, storming, norming, performing or adjourning stage. In this way, you will be more attuned to the needs and working style of members of your team. A key requirement during this stage will be very strong global and active listening skills.


To improve your listening skills. You should consider a short training course/refresher in effective communication skills or work one to one with an Executive Coach. Alternatively, for a longer term strategy, consider joining a club dedicated to improving communication skills, e.g., a local Toastmasters club.

Identifying ways of avoiding some of the costly mistakes made by Team Leaders and Managers at a very early stage. Will give you a head start in getting up to speed rapidly. This will allow you to empower your team to even higher levels of performance.

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5 Ways You Can Become a Victim


5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim

5 Ways You Can Become a Victim – A while there are measures you can take to safeguard your identity. Including Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft Shield. No one is immune. The difference for those who employ the services Pre-Paid Legal offers is that when you become a victim. You have the power of legal counsel and the experience of licensed investigators working on your behalf. You have the power to fight back. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

1.) Drivers License Identity

In America, our driver’s licenses, issued by each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation, have become our national identification card. Multiplying the potential for theft. If your driver’s license is stolen. Used by someone who receives a DUI or DWI and then fails to appear in court you may be arrested.
A Pre-Paid Legal membership with the Legal Shield add-on gives you access to an attorney 24-hours a day via a toll-free phone call.

2.) Medical Identity

When someone uses your name, Social Security Number, birth date or your insurance card to obtain medical services, they’ve attacked your medical identity. Whether they assume your identity for the purpose of getting tests, or to receive treatment, not only will your name be on the bill, but the results may become part of your medical history.
Setting the Medical Information Bureau straight – and restoring your medical identity – in most cases requires an attorney. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, you’ll have qualified legal counsel at your fingertips.

3.) Social Security Number Identity

When your Social Security Number is used by an identity thief to file with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), you are stuck in the middle with the tax bill, and a serious need for an attorney. If an undocumented worker uses your Social Security Number to get a job, the income reported to the IRS from the W-2 will raise a red flag as unreported income on your tax return. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership you have access to legal counsel and to IRS audit legal services if needed. 5 Ways You Can Become a Victim.

4.) Character Identity

It may seem like something out of a movie. But when someone assumes your identity and commits a crime in your name, the drama is real. You will obviously want to speak to an attorney. In a situation like this, it’s not likely that your credit card company will be of any assistance. Quick detection is essential in the fight against identity theft. The Identity Theft Shield alerts you when there has been a change on your Experian credit file. Which could be a change of address or change to your public records, including felonies.

5.) Financial/Credit Identity Theft

This form of fraud is the one most commonly recognized as identity theft: stealing your identity for financial gain. If you do not deny the debt within 60 days. It is common for victims to be unaware of a theft situation until months after the crime has occurred.

In situations like these and many others the early detection and restoration services that come with the Identity Theft Shield and the legal services of a Pre-Paid Legal membership. Provide an added layer of protection. The hours involved in dealing with identity theft add up. It’s reported that it takes 600 hours to deal with true identity theft, do you understand now how the Pre-Paid Legal membership combined with the Identity Theft Shield can be an invaluable service to you and your family. Pre-Paid Legal is the only company that offers a suite of products that fights identity theft before during and after the crime.

There Will be No More War

There Will be No More War

There Will be No More War

There Will be No More War – Undiminished external pressure and military threats, state media report today, reports Tanjug. Kim said that at the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. Which lasted from 1950 to 1953 reports the KCNA agency. He added that North Korea had developed nuclear weapons to gain “absolute strength” to prevent an armed conflict from recurring. “Thanks to our reliable and effective self-defense nuclear force, there will be no more war and the security and future of our country will be firmly guaranteed,” he said. Kim.

Cleaning in security services

In mid-May, the head of the North Korean army’s spy operations was fired without explanation. Shortly after the mysterious twenty-day disappearance of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In addition to the head of military intelligence, the head of Kim’s security, Jun Dzong-ri. Was also fired reports Tanjug referring to the Yonhap agency.

North Korean military intelligence is one of the key levers of power, and the West holds it responsible for a range of actions, including attacks on dissidents and torpedoing a South Korean warship a decade ago. The purge in the military intelligence service followed speculations about Kim’s health condition, which came after Kim “disappeared” from the public for twenty days.

A new book about Trump reveals his correspondence with Kim

Renowned American investigative journalist Bob Woodward wrote the book using 25 hitherto unpublished letters from the two leaders. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un assessed his relations with US President Donald Trump as a “fantasy film”.Which talks about Trump and the correspondence between the two leaders, stated today.

Trump-Kim relations are at the center of the diplomacy of Washington and Pyongyang. They are full of insults, threats of war and Trump’s “declarations of love” for the leader of North Korea.

Well-known American investigative journalist Bob Woodward wrote the book using 25 previously unpublished letters from the two leaders, according to the American publishing house Simon & Schuster.

In the correspondence, Kim describes his relationship “as a fantasy film”. Stated the publishers of the book “Rage”.

Trump and Kim

Trump and Kim met twice, and for the first time at the historic summit in June 2018 in Singapore. However, negotiations on the denuclearization of North Korea have not progressed. Are even stalled since the next failed summit in February 2019 in Hanoi.

But that did not stop the American president from praising his relationship with Kim. Even saying that they “fell in love”.

“He wrote me beautiful letters, wonderful letters. We fell in love,” the US president said in September 2018.

Trump has tried on several occasions to discredit Woodward’s first book. Saying that it was a work of “ridicule” and “fraud”.

However, Trump said in January that he had talked to Woodward about writing another book. Adding that he was “a very, very good journalist.”

Modern Casino Technology

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Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19

Need to Know About COVID-19 – The enemy of the ambiguous face, all already well known, and the poorly researched corona virus (COVID-19) begins to change the life habits of children and parents, as never before. We have not experienced such a rapid and insufficiently clear spread of the virus in Western civilization. Which, according to the World Health Organization has gained the hallmarks of a pandemic. This means that the focal points of infection have spread transcontinentally, making it a global problem. Currently, the decision to close schools in Croatia is in place in one region. But the decision on the possible closure of educational institutions in Croatia is knocking on the door in other parts of our homeland.

Whether we can take our kids to parks, playgrounds, playrooms, cinemas, are just some of the most common questions of parents these days. Should we allow our children’s contacts with other children, especially those who are coughing, parents wonder. Need to Know About COVID-19.

1. Can we take children to public places?

In the case of smaller or more isolated environments. Where there is no data on infestation, there is still no barrier to children going to playgrounds, parks, cinemas, museums and the like. It is necessary to emphasize especially the importance of regular hand washing, when arriving from the outside, as well as before eating. The use of hygienic hand gels is not an effective way of maintaining hand hygiene.

There are very lively recipes for making homemade antiseptics. Namely, the percentage of the active substance in factory preparations is about 60%. For those prepared in domestic use it is not certain how big it is, which also calls into question their efficiency.

2. What if my child has mild respiratory symptoms? Should I take him to the hospital?

The answer is no. Corona virus must include high temperature, cough, breath (shallow breathing). Especially in preschool children does not constitute a typical symptom of corona virus-induced disease.

3. My child is guarded by grandparents, and they are a risk group for the corona virus. What do you want me to do?

If they don’t have symptoms, there’s no barrier to their contact. However, if they are suffering from chronic diseases or are immunochrome.

4. Should my child be tested if he is very ill with symptoms of cough, high fever and abundant nasal secretions?

There is no reason to test for the corona virus. Given the limited availability of testing, and the fact that it is not realistic to test everyone, they are subject to those at an objective risk. Need to Know About COVID-19.

5. What if the child is suffering from a more severe, chronic disease or is immunocompromised?

Due to the very limited and insufficient knowledge of the effects of corona virus in the child population. It is recommended based on the latest information from experts to adjust the rhythm and activity of the child from day to day. It is strongly recommended to move the child away from groups of people, events where a larger number of people gather, even if there is no information about possible infestation in the area.

6. What are the recommendations for using the public transport system?

Unless there are clear recommendations for restricting movement and social contact in an area. There is no clear reason at this time to avoid the use of public transport. However, if possible, it is necessary to give preference to walking or using a bike, for shorter distances.